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29 December 2010

Women Of Valor (אשת חיל מי ימצא)

22 of the Tenth Month 5771
אֵשֶׁת-חַיִל, מִי יִמְצָא; וְרָחֹק מִפְּנִינִים מִכְרָהּ. מִשְׁלֵי לא,י

A woman of valor who can find? for her price is far above rubies.

Proverbs 31:10

YNET: Rabbis' Wives: Don't Date Arabs

New letter signed by rabbis' wives appeals to women urging them to stay away from Arabs. 'As soon as they have in you in their grasp – everything becomes different. Attention will be replaced with curses, physical abuse and humiliation,' letter states

Yair Altman, December 28, 2010

After the rabbis' letter called on Jews not to rent apartments to Arabs comes their wives' turn: Twenty-seven prominent rabbis' wives signed a letter distributed by the 'Lehava' organization calling on Jewish women not to date Arabs, work in places where Arabs are employed or volunteer for National Service with them. (Read the full article...)

These women should be praised for their wisdom and their courage! They are truly women of valor.

And, as it also says...
חַכְמוֹת נָשִׁים, בָּנְתָה בֵיתָהּ; וְאִוֶּלֶת, בְּיָדֶיהָ תֶהֶרְסֶנּוּ. מִשְׁלֵי יד,א

Every wise woman builds her house; but the foolish plucks it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

Just as Shifra and Pu'ah were rewarded with "houses" for saving the lives of newly born B'nei Yisra'el (Ex. 1:21), these rabbis' wives are working to maintain those houses.

Whereas, any woman who has a blind eye or encourages such behavior is nothing less than plucking them down.

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13 December 2010

New Evidence Revealed About Rabbi Binyamin Zev & Talia Kahane's Murders!

7 of the Tenth Month 5771

I am sorry I missed the memorial for Rav Binyamin & Talia Kahane ztz"l, not to hear the latest evidence revealed, but hear stories about their very interesting, and Torah-dedicated, lives, and to honor them.

I am certainly intrigued, and hope to learn of this new evidence, and to post it here. So, stay tuned.

I remember hearing of their deaths. I was living in Ofra, and teaching in Beth El at the time. While at work, one of the history teachers, also from Ofra, received a call from her brother who was the paramedic first on the scene. He told her of the violent circumstances of their deaths. It was a miracle that the children and one additional passenger were not injured more than they were.

Two years later, I was in K'far Tapu'ah for Shabbath for the first time. I asked one of Rav Binyamin Zev's closest friends who he thought was response for their deaths. As is mentioned below, he said that he believed that it was just a horrible tragedy, and that there was no evidence to the contrary.

I could tell that even after two years, their murders were still very fresh in everyone's minds.

If you would like get on Yekutiel's e-mail list, just follow the links below.


Kahane supporters to reveal new facts about leader's murder at tonight's memorial in Jerusalem

Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov

A close associate of the late Rabbi Binyamin Kahane announced that he will be breaking 10 years of silence tonight and revealing painful facts, that have yet to be published concerning the murder of the former leader of Kahane Chai. In a release published on his facebook page, the key activist reveals that after months of deliberations, he has reached the conclusion that he must speak out and that he must share his new conclusions regarding the murder.

Until now, the Binyamin Kahane faction, has refrained from referring to the murder as an assassination and has claimed that they have no clear evidence to indicate that this was a pre-arranged assassination and not a random murder of Jews by random Arab terrorists on the road, which was common enough in those days. As a result of new facts that have recently surfaced, the Kahanists now believe that Rav Binyamin Kahane was specifically singled out by leaders of the PA. From the recent release dispatched by the Kahanists it seems that they may be pointing an accusing finger also at the Israeli government for some level of collaboration with the PA. Something that might explain the strange obsession former Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter had over this issue, when he repeatedly pleaded with the Kahane and Herzlich families to accept his denial of the Shin Bet having played any role in the murder of the Kahane couple. At the time, strangely enough, none, other than Dichter himself, even suggested the thought.

The Binyamin Kahane faction within Kach have always shied away from media gimmicks and from the typical right-wing conspiracy theories, something which makes the recent proclamation and hinted allegations much more credible indeed. Surely, the hundreds who will gather to pay tribute to their fallen leader will be eager to hear more about these new revelations to shed more light on the untimely death of Rav Binyamin Zev Kahane and his wife Talya, who were shot dead after being ambushed while driving near Ofra, on their way from Jerusalem, with five of their 6 children in the car, who became orphans on that fatal drive home to Tapuach, ten years ago.,

Tonight at 6 PM family and supporters will gather at Heichal Dovid Hall in Romema Jerusalem, where they will hear various key note speakers including controversial Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira Rosh Yehsiva of Yeshivath Od Yosef Chai in Yitzhar and author of "Torat HaMelech," Shmuel Sackett, Lenny Goldberg, MK Michael Ben Ari and others. Various artists including Ariel Zilber, Ronny Wiseman and Yerachmiel Ziegler will also be there to share new songs written about Rabbi Kahane and about the important issues confronting Israel and the Jewish people.

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01 December 2010

R' Binyamin and Talia Kahane hy"d Memorial (אזכרה: ר' בנימין וטליה כהנא הי"ד)

ונקיתי דמם לא נקתי

"And I will hold as innocent their blood that I have not held as innocent..." (Joel 4:21)

10 Years after the murder of these Holy Jews...

Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev and Talia Kahane hy”d

A Very Special Commemoration

יום ב' ו' בטבת תשע"א

Monday, December 13, 2010

6:00 PM

Heichal David

Oholiav Street 14, Romema


With the participation of...

Rabbi Yitzhaq Shapira

Editor of the book Derech HaMelech

Hon. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari

Member of K'nesseth and R' Binyamin's hevruta

Rabbi Baruch Kahane

R' Binyamin's brother

Rabbi Avraham Hertzlich

Talia Kahane's father

Additional Rabbis and Public Figures

Artistic Program by the singer Ariel Zilber

Light refreshment will be served

NIS 18 Donation requested. Those who can give more, please give more.

For more information: 050-2393819 or from outside of Israel 972-50-2393819.

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WikiLeaks And Israel

Erev Hanukkah 5771

So, everyone seems to be talking about WikiLeaks, the right, the left, and the in between. And, as well they should be.

Many government officials now have egg on their faces, because of WikiLeaks.

Personally, I fear for WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange's life. You never can tell with some of these politicians. Everyone knows of the particular dangers involved with dealing with a wounded animal. But, such dangers pale in comparison to those stemming from a wounded politician!

Reaching across the world, not surprisingly, WikiLeaks has touched Israel, exposing some of the idiocy of the Israeli government, and its illustrious officials, such as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and opposition leader MK Tzippy Livni (Kadima).

Some of the scandalous, juicy bits are right on, and should not be an embarrassment to the speaker at all, such as PM Netanyahu describing Kadima as a "phony party." Good one, Bibi!

One juicy bit,...one disgusting, juicy bit needs to be mentioned here. There is too much of a risk that it will escape under the radar:

YNET News:
Netanyahu also said that President Shimon Peres had confessed to him that Oslo was based on a false premise.

The question about the Oslo Accords was never concerned with whether they would work or not. Anyone who was not naive, or entrenched in the idea that applying non-Torah, Western sensibilities toward the dealing with Arabs, KNEW that it would never work.

No. The question about the Oslo Accords was whether their architects really believed in it, or were really just evil, plotting Israel's destruction from within.

I believe that we now have final confirmation of the answer to our question.

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The U. S. Is Plagued By Tunnels - Middah k'Neged Middah

Erev Hanukkah 5771
America's Third War: Uncovering Border Tunnels
William Lajeunesse, FoxNews.com, November 24, 2010

Scores of trucks pass through Otay Mesa (San Diego Co.), California, each day, loading and dropping off cargo at various warehouses located just yards from the U.S.-Mexico border.

One warehouse bearing the name "Medi Int Enterprises" -- an alleged storage facility for toilet paper -- seemed to be running business as usual, equipped with a front desk and receptionist. Yet, on Nov. 3, 2010, Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents found they were storing much more than bathroom supplies.

ICE agents intercepted a truck leaving the warehouse and discovered 20,000 pounds of marijuana. An additional 32,000 pounds were found in 10-kilo bricks throughout the warehouse, making it the second largest seizure of marijuana in U.S. history. But, the biggest find was what lurked below.

Agents found 1,800 feet of tunnel running underneath the warehouse to Mexico. Designed with tracks and pulleys, the smuggling tunnel is the most recent to be discovered in a growing number popping up along border states. (Read more...)

Israel has been plagued by tunnels, used for smuggling weapons into Azza (Gaza) from Egypt. Yet, Israel is under pressure from the U. S. and others as to how to deal with the tunnels, and how not to. In other words, due to pressure from the U. S., Israel is forced into doing a half-hearted job of dealing with these tunnels. Thus, the weapons continue to pour through unabated.

True, it is Israel's fault for submitting to the will of the "almighty" U. S. Nonetheless, the U. S. seems to be getting punished "middah k'neged middah" (measure for measure).

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The Kiss Of Esau (הנשיקה של עשו)

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Wayeishev 5771

Last week, Jews read Parashath Wayishlah. One pasuq in particular caught my attention. Coming back into Eretz Yisra'el with his family, Ya'aqov is warned that his brother Esau approaches, and so he prepares to meet him through prayer, military strategy, and gifts. When Ya'aqov and Esau meet, this is what happens...

בראשית לג
ד וירץ עשיו לקראתו ויחבקהו, וייפול על-צוואריו ויישקהו; ויבכו

Genesis 33
4 And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell upon his neck, and kissed him; and they wept.

Rash"i comments that

וישקהו, נקוד עליו, ויש חולקין בדבר הזה בברייתא דספרי, יש שדרשו נקודה זו לומר שלא נשקו בכל לבו. אמר ר' שמעון בר יוחאי הלכה היא בידוע שעשו שונא ליעקב, אלא שנכמרו רחמיו באותה שעה ונשקו בכל לבו.

And he kissed him..., is dotted above it [in a Torah scroll], there is disagreement on this point in a baraita of Sifri, there are those who view the dots saying that he [Esau] did not kiss him with all of his heart. R' Shimon Bar Yohai says the halacha is well known that Esau hates Ya'aqov, but he took pity upon him at that moment, and he did kiss him with all of his heart.

After citing the same midrash regarding the presence of dots above the word (וישקהו), Bereishith Rabba (75:9) continues with an alternative view...

אמר לו ר' ינאי אם כן למה נקוד עליו, אלא מלמד שלא בא לנשקו אלא לנשכו, ונעשה צוארו של אבינו יעקב של שיש וקהו שניו של אותו רשע. ומה תלמוד לומר ויבכו, אלא זה בוכה על צוארו וזה בוכה על שניו. ר' אבהו בשם ר' יוחנן מיתי לה מן הכא (שיר השירים ז ה) צוארך כמגדל השן וגו'.

R' Yannai says, “If so, why is is it dotted above? Rather it teaches that he [Esau] did not come to kiss him, but rather to bite him, and the neck of Ya'aqov Avinu was made into marble and the teeth of the evil one dulled. And what it said regarding ‘and they cried?’ Rather this one cried because of his neck, and this one cried because of his teeth. R' Abahu in the name of R' Yohanan, “Say to him from this, ‘Your neck is like a tower of ivory…’” (Song of Songs 7:5)

More recently, the S'fas Emes, the Gerer Rebbe of the late 19th Century, stated that...

כשעשו מנשק, יעקב ננשך!

When Esau kisses, Ya'aqov iss bitten!

So, who is Esau, that we must still be on guard from his bite, as well as his kiss?

The answer can also be found in Bereishith Rabba. Here HaZa”L identifies Esau with “The Evil Empire,” their code phrase, if you will, for Rome.

Rome was transformed into the Holy Roman Empire, which eventually fell under control of the Roman Catholic Church, having great influence, if not total control, over the countries comprising the European continent. Christianity underwent various transformations but the forbidden belief in a false messiah-deity is the same, no matter how many different changes Christians claim have taken in place their approach.

Another midrash teaches that Rome continues to be a threat to the Jewish People. In Parashath Shemini, we receive extensive instruction regarding the kashruth status of animals. Four mammals are mentioned specifically as not being kasher. The camel, the rock badger, and the rabbit chew their cud, yet they are not kosher, as they do not possess split hooves. The last in the list, the pig does have a split hoof, yet does not chew its cud (Lev. 11:1-8).

According to the midrash, these four animals represent the four Kingdoms which have ruled over Am Yisra’el. The pig represents our current and final exile, albeit our longest, that of Rome. The first three animals are not kasher due to problems with their limbs; whereas the pig is not kosher, due to its mouth. It sticks its split hooves out there, proclaiming that it is kosher. It even makes a chewing motion with its mouth, yet does not actually chew its cud. In other words, it lies.

“We love you!”

“We love Israel!”

“We want to give you money, and build you cultural centers!”

“We want to visit you, and volunteer to help you build up the land!”

The Ramba”m (Maimonides), a prominent halachic authority of the 1100's CE, suggests that we must not do anything which will allow ovdei avodah zarah (practicioners of forbidden worship) to get a hold on the land, nor anything which will make it easy for them to stay here. (Mishneh Torah, Hil. Avodah Zarah 10:1-9)

And very clearly, the Ramba”m states...

הנוצריים עובדי עבודה זרה הן (הל' עבודה זרה ט,ד)

The Christians are ovdei avodah zarah.... (ibid. 9:4)

In censored versions of the Mishneh Torah, Christians cleverly substituted the word “Romans” for “Christians,” in an attempt to cover up their identity with Rome (Edom/Esau), the very kingdom which currently rules over the Jewish People in exile, both physically and spiritually.

So why are those, who are forbidden to be settled in the Land (ibid. 10:1-9), being settled in the Land? Why is the town of Ariel in Samaria home to Christian missionaries and churches? Why are Likud Members of K'nesseth attending dedications for Christian (ie. avodah zarah) television stations,...in Israel?

Why are those who have performed the misswah of destroying avodah zarah been condemned by officials of the Israeli government,...in the name of “freedom of religious practice?” And, just where exactly in the Torah is any thing stated, which is even remotely related to “freedom of religious practice?”

The Torah also states...

...ולא-תקח שוחד--כי השוחד יעור את עיני חכמים, ויסלף את דברי צדיקים - דברים ט"ז,י"ט

…and do not take a bribe, for the bribe blinds the eyes of the wise, and distorts the words of the righteous. (Deut. 16:19)

This refers to Hakhamim, thus even more so for those of us who are not Hakhamim.

So, why are “cultural centers” and playgrounds being built by Christians or with Christian money? Why are “religious, right-wing” radio stations accepting significant amounts of money from Christians? Why are their broadcasters visiting “messianic” congregations in North America?

Do “religious” Jews really think that they can take Christian money, and not be influenced in some way? Are “religious” Jews really fooled by the hazir's smiles, by the hazir's” lies?

It appears so.

Still have doubts? Tomer Devorah has pointed out something very interesting, not proof perhaps, but very interesting nonetheless. If you change the letters in Esau's name around, you get none other than Hebrew name Christian missionaries’use for their false god.

עשיו = ישוע

Yeshu'a is essentially the same name as Yehoshu'a, Joshua in English or Jason from the Greek. Whether a real, compilation, or totally imaginary figure, some of our Sages z”l referred to him as YeSh”U, an acronym for yimach shemo wezikhro, “may his name and memory be blotted out.”

Some Qabbalistic sources claim that YeSh”U was the reincarnation of Esau.

In order to deal with Esau today, and defend against his bite-kiss, we must apply the same strategies as those of Ya'aqov, our forefather.

Prayer: We must pray to HaShem, separated from Esau, NOT with Esau.

Military Strategies: We must plan to defenses from Esau, NOT with Esau.

Gifts: We may give gifts to Esau, things than are helpful to him, and to the rest of humanity, like solar, agricultural, and computer technology, NOT accept gifts from Esau.


For a list of Jewish organizations accepting money from John Hagee (יש"ו) alone, click here.

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25 October 2010

Memorial For Rabbi Meir Kahane in Toronto

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Memorial for Rabbi Meir Kahane in Toronto

Tuesday October 26, 7:30 pm

Toronto Zionist Center

788 Marlee Avenue

It has been 20 years since Rabbi Meir Kahane was murdered and his message is still alive. Come and attend this important event.

For information call Jewish Defence League of Canada 416-736-7000

27 September 2010

The Jewish Democratic State

Hol HaMo'ed Sukkoth 5771

*Please go to the original YNET article, and join in the debate in the comments section!

The Jewish Democratic State

Op-ed: Israel must make a choice, as it cannot be both truly Jewish and democratic.

Yoel Meltzer
September 22, 2010

Roughly 60 years after the establishment of the modern State of Israel, by far the most ubiquitous term employed today to describe the political and social nature of the country is that Israel is a Jewish democratic state. Be it in the media or on the lips of politicians, the use of the term has become so widespread that most people in Israel simply accept it as a given truth without so much as a passing thought. Nonetheless, despite the extensive usage of the phrase, it should be clear to anyone with a discerning eye that the term resonates with cognitive dissonance.

The term, or more properly the confusion that led to the term, started in the early days of the state. In May 1948, the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel proclaimed the Jewish nature of the country by declaring "the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael." However, the same declaration also promised to “ensure complete equality of…. political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion….”

Thus, on the one hand Israel was to be a Jewish state while on the other hand it was declared to be a state of all its citizens regardless of religion. As a result of this ambiguity, right from the start there was a built-in contradiction of terms. Namely, was Israel to be a Jewish state that would incorporate some democratic aspects or was it to be a democratic state with a “Jewish feel?" Since these terms describe situations that are mutually exclusive, Israel could not possibly be both.

The Jewish component in the above equation was given precedence by the 1950 Law or Return, which stipulated that every Jew has the right to immigrate to Israel. However, the subsequent 1952 Nationality Law reestablished the confusion by stating, inter alia, “A person who, immediately before the establishment of the State, was a Palestinian citizen…. shall become an Israel national….” Thus citizenship, and with it the right to vote, was further anchored for the non-Jewish population.

This lack of clarity continued for decades and then in 1992 under the activist court of Justice Aharon Barak, the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom was passed in order to “establish in a Basic Law the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” Moreover, according to Justice Barak’s subsequent writings on the meaning of the vague phrase “Jewish democratic state,” it became apparent that his intention in the law was to define Israel as primarily a democratic state, albeit one that also encompasses a variety of Jewish aspects. Of course, Barak’s litmus test for these Jewish aspects was that they must be consistent with the values of a democracy.

Despite Barak’s true intention as to what actually took precedence, namely the democratic aspect, the neutral phrase “Jewish democratic state” has been promulgated ever since. This is a shame since the term is problematic for several reasons.

Most importantly, the term perpetuates confusion and avoids dealing with a very serious issue. Israel has a large Arab minority, the majority of which will never connect to the collective dreams and aspirations of the Jewish people and likewise will never really feel part of a Jewish state. To think otherwise is foolish. In addition, it is demeaning to the Arabs to expect differently since they naturally have pride in their own culture and a bond to the larger Arab nation.

Downplaying Jewish Component
Thus, in order not to antagonize or alienate the Arabs, as well as to avoid being condemned for making statements that are not politically correct, Israel downplays the Jewish component and promotes the democratic one. To its own Jewish residents, however, the majority of which has some connection to the land and the tradition, it sells the Jewish component under the amorphous “Jewish democratic state.” Thus, the term is very useful for placating the Jewish population, even if doing so is somewhat misleading. More importantly, by hiding behind the term “Jewish democratic state” Israel continues to shirk its responsibility in dealing with a very complex and difficult issue.

If Israel is a true democracy of “one man-one vote” then the Arab minority could hypothetically take over the country via the election process and change the nature of the state. However, since this is a scenario that most of the Jews in the country would never agree to and even fear, the phrase “Jewish democratic state” should stop being rammed down the collective mindset of the nation since it is only seeding more confusion. Moreover, should the Arabs ever get close to taking over the country, it’s a sure bet that most of the advocates of the phrase “Jewish democratic state” would be out of here in a flash, leaving the rest of us to deal with the mess.
On the diplomatic front, a Jewish state connected to its inner meaning, its heritage and its land, would never consider relinquishing part of its ancestral homeland. However, a democratic state for which the Jewish component is weak or sentimental at best has no qualms under difficult times of relinquishing land since ultimately the land has no deeper significance.

This fact is clearly understood by the Arabs as well as by all those who are pressuring us to surrender land. For this reason, the supremacy afforded the democratic component at the expense of the Jewish component has severely weakened Israel’s bargaining position vis-à-vis the Arabs. Moreover, since everyone knows that the term “Jewish democratic state” does not mean Jewish in any profound way, then constantly using the term to describe the State of Israel is only helping to facilitate its downfall.

At the end of the day, Israel must choose. Either it is a Jewish state with some democratic aspects or it is democratic state with a Jewish flavor. It cannot be both. The continued use of the term “Jewish democratic state” is simply a way to avoid making this choice. Moreover, it represents a state of denial that underlies all the confusion and weakness that abound here. For the survival of the country, the term “Jewish democratic state” must be discarded and in its place the real “Jewish state” must rise.

Esser Agaroth:
*This is my talkback which YNET has yet to publish,...and probably will not.

Meltzer is essentially correct. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.
The Israeli government is hardly Jewish, and hardly a democracy. It can't be a democracy without true freedom of speech, which we absolutely do NOT have. It is a crime to call goverment officials a name, so called racist incitement is a crime. Asking to vote for whether Jews should leave Gaza or hostile Arabs should leave instead is a crime.

Yet leftists protesting at the so-called security fence get away with violence toward Israeli law enforcement.

Clearly the famous line at the end of George Orwell's Animal Farm applies here:

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

However, the eventual goal of the Jewish People is too have a Jewish government in the Jewish Homeland.

What is a Jewish government? ...one based on Torah with a king or a nassi and a Sanhedrin, the hachamim making the decisions which the masses should not have anything to do with.

See “Governance Of A Jewish State” for more information on this.

In the mean time, perhaps we could have a temporary democracy, yet those claiming the need for a constitution are mistaken. We already have one,...the Torah.

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20 September 2010

A Brilliant But Evil Plan!

13 Tishri 5770

With the catastrophic expulsion of Jews from Azza (Gaza/Gush Qatif) in 5765 (2005), I have since often wondered how the Israeli government will attempt to implement the next expulsion of Jews, this time from Yehudah, Shomron, and even Jerusalem (May God forbid!).

Using Jewish towns in these areas as laboratories to see which sick plan for removing Jews from their homes and land will be the most efficient, the Israeli government appeared to have only a few options:

1. Pay Jews to move out, and help them to relocate else in Israel. These Jews may or may not get rewarded for their “initiative,” but probably not. (Not enough Jews will want to leave, and the Jews who would not mind leaving will not fall for this one,...again.)

2. Remove them forcibly, as the the powers that be did in Azza, then let them sit around in temporary housing indefinitely until the outrage in the Israeli news media dies down, and then just forget about them. (Too expensive.)

3. Bring in the bulldozers in overnight without warning. Then go to option 2. (Not enough bulldozers.)

Then I saw this. This fourth option did not surprise me in the least. After all the posters depicting Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu, removing his Ariel Sharon mask, can already be found in Jerusalem.

What did surprise me was the lack of coverage of this brilliant, but evil plan in the Israeli news media.

World Net Daily: Shock Plan: Palestinians Scheduled To Govern Jews
Aaron Klein, September 6, 2010

Netanyahu secretly proposed new plot in talks with Obama

JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly has proposed a new plan whereby Jews living in the West Bank will remain in their communities after the territory becomes part of a Palestinian state, WND has learned.

Officials in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have confirmed the plan to this reporter, marking the first time an Israeli leader has ever put on the table in a serious way a proposal involving Jewish West Bank residents remaining in a Palestinian state.

Conventional negotiations always has assumed an Israeli evacuation of its communities inside any territory taken over by the PA.

Middle East officials said the plan is being considered seriously by the Obama administration, while the PA has been less than enthusiastic. PA sources said they held a meeting last week over the plan.

The full details of the plan, such as specific security guarantees for the remaining Jews, were not disclosed. (Read more…)
Such a plan is brilliant! Evil,...but truly brilliant. Why? The Israeli government will be able to achieve the following at little to no cost to it:

1. The Israeli government will not be inconvenienced by calling up the army or police. No post-expulsion trauma, no criticism from the settlers (...Maybe from YeSh"A Council, but who cares about them anyway?).

2. No worries about collecting settlers' weapons. Let them kill off a few Arabs in their pointless struggles. What does the Israeli government care? It gets to get rid of a few Arabs, and then blames those crazy settlers for it!

3. Those Jews who regret their decision to stay won't receive a dime! After all THEY decided to stay there in the first place, and must take responsibility for THEIR decision. Maybe a token few will receive money, and be raised up as "heroes for peace." It would be good PR.

4. The government will finally be rid of those pesky settlers. Sure, they may get massacred, like the Arabs tried to do in Hevron in 1994, and succeeded in doing in 1929 (May God forbid!), but that will only server to gain sympathy with the goyim! (Doubt it.)
(WND cont.) Debriefing his cabinet on his trip last week to Washington, Netanyahu stated, "What is required is creative, novel thinking in order to resolve these complex issues."
Creative? Novel?

I'll give you creative and novel, Mr. Prime Minister: Let's throw you out of office!

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07 September 2010

Jewish Defence League of Canada to Protest the Ground Zero Mosque on September 11

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Jewish Defence League of Canada to Protest the Ground Zero Mosque on September 11

The JDL of Canada will hold a candle light vigil at the American Consulate 360 University Avenue in Toronto, Canada on Saturday Night 9:30 pm September 11th. For information call 416-736-7000 or www.jdl-canada.com

05 September 2010

Annual Conference "The Missionary Enemy" (כנס אויב המסיונר)

26 Ellul 5770

The Missionary Enemy
Annual Conference

יום ג' ו' תשרי תשע"א
Tuesday evening, September 14, 2010
7:00 - 10:30 PM

Binyanei ha'Umah
(Jerusalem Convention Center)

Speakers to include:

Rabbi Simcha Kook
Rav of Rehovoth

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
(co-) Rav of Beth-El

Rabbi Tzafanyah Drori
Rav of Qiriyath Shemonah

Rabbi Yehudah Deri
Rav of Be'er Sheva

Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifshitz
Yad leAchim
Counter Missionaries

A video about missionary activity will also be shown.

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11 August 2010

Another Story Of Proving Ones Jewishness

Rosh Hodesh Ellul 5770

Recently, there has been much discussion over the experience of Hillary Rubin trying to register to be married through the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

The story was picked up by the [Am] HaAretz Israeli daily, which took great pleasure in exploiting the opportunity to bash the Rabbinate, and the Torah establishment in general.

I suggest that you read Hillary's story in her own words, which can be found on her blog “Shmutz In My Head.”

I do not know all of the details, whether the scrutiny was warranted or not, nor do I know much else about Hillary, not her political views nor her religious ones. Mention was made of a “Conservative” spiritual leader, but I will set that aside for a moment.

However, I would like to take the opportunity to share a few points on this issue, with some of which Hillary may even agree. I cannot say. You will have to ask her yourself. After sharing these points, I will conclude this post with the story of a friend who also had to prove his “Jewishness.” Yet, I guarantee that you would never find such a story in the [Am] HaAretz newspaper, nor in any mainstream, Israeli news outlet.

First, my Esser Agaroth [10 ag'] on proving ones Jewishness....
1. We must all be held to the same standards. If Hillary Rubin must jump through hoops, then so should everyone else. My beard and payos should not make me nor anyone else an exception to any necessary scrutiny. One standard should not be used for Americans and another for sympathetic Jews from the Former Soviet Union who have little or no Jewish documents to support their claims.

I was surprised at the Rabbinate's reaction to Hillary's letters which included one from a Chabba”d rabbi. I have heard many cases when men had to bring two witnesses with them to the Rabbinate, in order to testify that the prospective hathan (groom) was, in fact, Jewish. Why was this method not employed for Hillary? Perhaps the Rabbinate had more details about the case than we. Certainly, we cannot count on the traditionally anti-Torah [Am] HaAretz newspaper to report on this case objectively. Nonetheless, I would be interested in knowing why this common procedure of bringing witnesses to testify on Hillary's behalf was not employed.

2. An overwhelmed Rabbinate with a back up of cases is no excuse for brushing people off, and telling people to convert. Sometimes photographs of Jewish grave markers combined with birth certificates of the Jew in question, his or her mother and maternal grandmother are requested. Yet, approach, too, needs to be presented in a sensitive manner. I agree with several of the points brought up on the Between Tel-Aviv And Jerusalem Blog. The tone of the rabbi(s) can have a big influence on the individual or couple with whom he is working. Will he succeed in sparking an interest in a non-religious couple to develop a connection with Torah community? Or will he turn-off such a couple completely? Yes, this is a big responsibility for [I can only assume] a rabbi who must turn over cases quickly. Yet, if we cannot count on the Rabbinate to step up to the plate, and accept its leadership role in this area, then who can we count on?

This sounds like a great opportunity to put many kollel participants to work, even for only a few hours a day each. It wouldn't cost anything. They are already getting paid. After all ולא המדרש הוא העיקר, אלא המעשה - אבות א,טז (The main point is the deed), right? Unfortunately, I doubt that many in the government want an increased presence of Haredim in the activities of the Chief Rabbinate, preferring to do what they can to break the “hold” they think the Rabbinate has on society. I also doubt that the Haredi leadership would be overjoyed over such a proposal either. Oh well.

3. There are a few sentences in Hillary's post which I found to be puzzling. Here is one:

If I'm Jewish enough to be hated by the world, I am Jewish enough to get married in the Jewish State. No one should EVER tell me otherwise.

This still does not answer the the question at hand. Sorry, Hillary, but this is not a halachic response to a halachic question. It is a rant.

Here is another:

Idiots will always be idiots. Haters will always hate. At the end of the day, I will still marry Craig and the Rabbanut cannot stop that.

I am not sure who she is talking about. I may disagree with the Israeli Chief Rabbinate at times, but I sincerely doubt they are idiots, and I equally doubt that they hate Hillary Rubin. Hillary, feelings are [mostly] irrelevant when it it comes to the halachic decision making process. In other words, when it comes to making a halachic decision,..."Just the facts, ma'am."

Another Story Of Proving Jewishness
I have a friend who lived in Israel under a work visa for a few years. While here, he mat an married his wife, a native Israeli. They were married through the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, and they lived happily ever after, right? Well, pretty much, but this friend of mine hit a snag. No, the snag was not with the Rabbinate. Even though he was relatively new to Torah observant life, he did what was necessary to prove his Jewishness, and was married. The snag came later with the Ministry of the Interior.

(To be fair, I had a very positive experience, applying for citizenship in Tel-Aviv with an apparently secular clerk, and with a kippah on my head. All that was required of me was a letter from my [Young Israel] rabbi,* and I was good to go.)

That was not the case for this friend of mine. Not only did he have his documents he had already presnted t the Rabbinate, he had is te'udath n'su'in (marriage certificate) and the kethubbah (traditional marriage contract) from his wedding. Yet, all this was not enough to prove his Jewishness for citizenship, which is a lesser standard than that for getting married?

My friend was being played. The fact that his kippah was crocheted and not black velvet did not make one bit of difference. He asked to jump through more than just hoops.

If he had presented a letter from a non-Torah observant spiritual leader, there never would have been a question. He simply would have been told to come back in 30 days to receive his te’udath zehuth (identification card) and “Mazal Tov!”

My friend's wife was a distant relative of the then Minster of Interior. My friend's file reached the minister's desk, yet even he was powerless to do anything about his case. Why? The minister may be able to set some policy and establish some changes in the way the Ministry operates. However, the civil servants are the ones who actually run things, and control the official stamps, file, and the flow of the paper pushing.

I recently found out that anyone converting in Israel must also go before a Ministry of Interior committee to receive approval for aliyah. This is apparently done to prevent people from taking advantage of the monetary rights of olim hadashim (new immigrants). Limits are also set on such a convert's right to work during the first year of residency. I am all for some kind of measures to be in place to aid in preventing conversion under false pretenses. But, what if this committee simply decides that is does not like you? Is that it? A Jew must leave the country, while foreign workers and their children may stay?

HaShem yishmor!


*TIP: Orthodox Union [OU], Young Israel, and Chabba"d rabbis are found on separate lists. Before going to the Ministry of Interior, I called the Jewish Agency to make sure that my rabbi was on the list. They clerk had checked the OU list, and thus I was told that he was not on the list. Fortunately, I thought to have her check if there was a separate list for Young Israel rabbis.

Remember, proving that one is Jewish for the purpose of getting married through the Rabbanuth is a much higher standard. Citizenship is still based, more or less, on the Nuremberg Laws, and nothing to do with halachah.

Cross-posted on Esser Agaroth.

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Chaim Perlman To Be Released

Rosh Hodesh Ellul 5770

(Photo Credit: Moti Kimchi)

Itziq Sabban, writing in the Hebrew daily Israel Today, reported today that Chaim Perlman is expected to be released within two days.

Judge Nahum Sternlicht set down that...
"There is not any significant nor serious evidence in order to bring a conviction of the suspect (Perlman) for the cited offenses."

He further stated...
"I did not find any actual progress in the base investigation nor in the gathering of new evidence."

Let us pray that Chaim finally does come home!

Cross-posted on Esser Agaroth.

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10 August 2010

Red Cross Harbors Hamas Fugitives

I received the following from a friend of mine, Shmuel Sokol:

ICRC Harbors Hamas Fugitives
Samuel Sokol, Five Towns Jewish Times, July 22, 2010

The International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC] stated Tuesday that it is knowingly sheltering three wanted fugitives from the Israeli police in its East Jerusalem headquarters. Ahmad Atoun, Khaled Abu Arafa, and Muhhamad Totach, all representatives of Hamas’ Change and Reform list in the Pales tinian Legislative Council [PLC], have camped out in the Sheikh Jarrah building since the June 30 rearrest of Hamas MP and former Al Qassam Brigades leader Muhhamad Abu Tir.

Dorothea Krimitsas, a spokeswoman for the ICRC, stated that the three men requested Red Cross “protection” from Israeli security forces and were informed that “they could remain on ICRC premises, but also that the ICRC could not prevent the Israeli authorities from taking action against them.”

All three are wanted by Israel for illegally residing in Jerusalem after the recent revocation of their blue residency cards. The cards were confiscated following their refusal to renounce their affiliation with Hamas. Without a repudiation of their membership, Israeli authorities warned, the four men face deportation. (Read more....)

I think it to be more telling, though, to read the ICRC's responses to Shmuel's questions,

Dear Mr. Sokol,

Here are my answers to your questions, which I copied below for the sake of clarity:

I would like the position of the Red Cross on this matter and to know if this is being done as a matter of policy.

On 1 July, the three persons (two PLC members and a former Minister for Jerusalem Affairs) asked the ICRC's delegation in Jerusalem to provide them with protection. They were told that they could remain on ICRC premises, but also that the ICRC could not prevent the Israeli authorities from taking action against them. (What's stopping Israel from "taking action?" Worries over bad PR?)

The ICRC has also been in contact with the Israeli authorities from the very beginning, asking them to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law:

- East Jerusalem is occupied territory, and the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are considered protected persons under international humanitarian law (Article 4 of the Fourth Geneva Convention).

- Israel, as the occupying power, has an obligation to protect the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem and cannot lawfully undertake to forcibly transfer them from their homes. Under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, forcible transfers of protected persons are explicitly prohibited regardless of their motive.

Does the ICRC make a differentiation between the civilian and militant sides of Hamas and does it recognize Israel's categorization of all parts of the organization as terrorist entities?

It is not up to the ICRC, as a humanitarian organization, to confer a particular status on people or organizations or to recognize their legitimacy, neither does international humanitarian law. Under international humanitarian law – which is applicable in Israel and the occupied territories and is the law on which the ICRC's mandate and activities are based – everyone who is not a combattant (as defined in the Third Geneva Convention and in the First Additional Protocol), is a civilian.

In a recent study (A study? Study of what? Study with whom?), ICRC also interpreted (?!) that members of organized armed groups belonging to a party to the conflict lose protection against direct attack for the duration of their membership (i.e., for as long as they assume a continuous combat function). (http://www.icrc.org/web/eng/siteeng0.nsf/htmlall/direct-participation-ihl-feature-020609) This principle of distinction is particularly relevant for the conduct of hostilities.

Has the ICRC been in touch with Israel in order to resolve this matter?
Yes. See my answer above.

I hope this information is helpful.

With best regards,

Dorothea Krimitsas

International Committee of the Red Cross
Media and Public Relations, Middle East
office +41 22 730 25 90, mobile +41 79 251 93 18

The ICRC - working to protect and assist people affected by involved in armed conflict and other situations of violence (...against Jews. Remember Terezinschadt?). Find out more: www.icrc.org

I think that Dorothea would like to get some additional feedback on this matter, don't you?

Additional related articles by Shmuel Sokol:
Hamas Four Renounce Their Party

Hamas Parliamentarians To Defy Israeli Ban

Cross-posted on Esser Agaroth.

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