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15 November 2006

A Leftist Judge is Helping Destroy Israel

Arutz Sheva - IsraelNationalNews.com

A Leftist Judge is Helping Destroy Israel
by Lee Kaplan
November 12, 2006

Lee Kaplan

Lee Kaplan is senior intelligence analyst with the Northeast Intelligence Network and a contributor to Front Page Magazine. He is also the national director of Dafka.org and heads Stop the ISM.

Missiles fall on school kids in Sderot, three young soldiers are still held hostage, young men in the IDF risk their lives in Gaza, Hizbullah and Hamas rearm, and both raise money and propagandize for Israel's destruction all over America at colleges and churches as war looms. But Israel's judiciary just keeps rolling along.

That's right, folks, yet another bigwig in the International Solidarity Movement's game plan to bring subversives to the Holy Land and send you all packing to other countries (if the Arabs don't kill you and your kids first) got into the country last Tuesday at Ben-Gurion airport. He came to work "in solidarity" to destroy Israel and make one more homogeneous Muslim-Arab-dominated state in the Middle East, called Palestine.

Scott Kennedy is a founder and leader of the Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV) in Santa Cruz, California. Sounds nice, doesn't it? A resource center for non-violence. The only thing is that Kennedy and his RCNV devote almost all programming to the ISM and events designed to demonize and delegitimize Israel's existence, when not working to aid the enemies of the USA. Almost weekly, Kennedy's RCNV hosts events organized by ISM activists at which they recruit and inform people in California how Israelis are the new Nazis, how the Arabs are the victims in this Middle East war and, oh, yes, how Israel belongs to the Arabs - even the house and mortgage you pay for with the sweat off your brow.

Scott is a busy fellow too. The University of California, Santa Cruz is nearby his RCNV where they organize hate-the-Jews rallies disguised as "peace events." Oops! Excuse me. "Hate the Zionists" rallies. It's those "Zionists" who control the world's banking and are really the enemies of the free world that they hate. They love Jews. Really. Almost as much as they love the PLO and Hamas.

A local newspaper cartoonist recently drew a cartoon of Kennedy's building in Santa Cruz and renamed it "The Resource Center for No More Israel," a fitting title. Kennedy even hosted an Arab woman at the Center and the college campus, and toured her all over the US, who claimed her sister was knifed to death by a "Jewish settler." All across America, Kennedy invited local members of synagogues to hear her tale of the fanatic Jew who killed her sister, urging them that good Jews no longer support Israel. Good Jews want it to become Palestine, the universal state of brotherly love where Arabs will live in harmony with the Jews.

There was one problem, though: the woman's sister was killed by an Arab who thought he was stabbing a Jewess to death in East Jerusalem. The killer confessed his crime.

Scott also provides facilities for Paul LaRudee's Norcal ISM for recruiting and training, and just about any Israel bashing event imaginable. LaRudee was deported by Israel for connections to Hamas, so he went to Lebanon as a human shield for Hizbullah.

Kennedy's RCNV raises money constantly for the Palestinian cause at his RCNV. The money always somehow goes to Arab NGOs, where it's entirely fungible and can end up in the hands of terrorists. But should Israel keep him out? Nah.

Israel's security services tried to prevent Kennedy's entry based on his ISM affiliations. However, some lefty judge decided that Kennedy wasn't exactly ISM. Now, the ISM is not an organized entity like a corporation, but rather an octopus-like group of smaller cells set up under PLO leadership to work to destroy the Jewish state. Kennedy and his entourage from Interfaith Peace Builders (another nice sounding name) is busy touring the Holy Land, shooting scenes of suffering Arabs and meeting with Israeli anarchists. They will go back to the US and poison the minds of the American masses about the horrible Jews, who are persecuting poor disenfranchised Arabs, but the tour also gives them a chance to invite over more Hamas spokespeople to speak at the RCNV and raise more money for the struggle for Palestine.

Even though the government is keeping out these ISM creeps more often, the judge decided that Kennedy was only marginally linked to the ISM, and so let him and his anti-Semitic creeps in to practice subversion.

Well, how about this? The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation was set up in Washington, DC and is led by Huwaida Arraf, one of the founding members of the ISM, who admits to working with Hamas. Created by someone named Nadil Ghaith in the UAE, then started as a US nonprofit, this group raises funds tax free to help the struggle to destroy your country.

And guess what? On a webpage listing all its allied groups, we find such groups as Michigan ISM, Paul LaRudee and Norcal ISM, Women in Black, SUSTAIN (Stop US Taxpayer Support for Israel Now), the American Friends Service Committee (the Quakers are big on destroying Israel), and many others - all of whom sponsor the yearly ISM conferences at American universities, where ISM volunteers are trained to attack your border guards and soldiers in the West Bank and to tear down the security fence set up to protect your children.

And you want to know what and who else are on that list? Scott Kennedy and his Resource Center for Nonviolence, as well Miryam Rashid, of Interfaith Peace Builders, who is Scott's co-group leader for the pack of subversives now touring your country. By the way, Interfaith Peace Builders was deported from Israel in 2002 as a security risk, but when it comes to judges in Israel, they just go all weak-kneed when faced with lawyers funded by Arab money or Israel's communist party.

So, Scott Kennedy is listed among all the ISM groups on the ISM founder's ISM website to work to end the "occupation" of Palestine (all of Israel mind you, even Tel Aviv). But a lefty Israeli judge thinks Scott's not a part of the ISM.

Kennedy's entourage isn't there to make peace for Israel and the Arabs, it's there to aid the Arab campaign to drive the Jews out.

There are Jews in the Diaspora who love you and wish you well, living in peace and security. There are also naive young Jews in the Diaspora, or self-serving ones, who are working feverishly with the ISM to destroy your country - no matter how great a lie is needed, no matter how many Jews are killed by Arabs who will accept nothing less than Israel's complete annihilation and subjugation of her Jewish population. The Arab woman who toured the US under Kennedy's guidance spreading the blood libel that her sister was murdered by an Orthodox Jew was joined by an Israeli woman who also did Kennedy's bidding to reinforce the lie. She is one of the betrayers of Israel.

I've been fighting these kinds of people for three years over here, and many of them have been deported from Israel as a result of my investigative work. But none of them disgust me as much as that silly leftist judge who, in fact, is endangering all of you and your children.

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