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07 January 2007

Bush Ain't no Friend? And Olmert....

Bush Ain't no friend… And Olmert...

by: Arlene Peck

Let's see… I grew up in the South and always thought that
my momma didn't raise no dummy. However, lately folks,
I've begun to wonder. Maybe there is something happening
that I'm missing. Or, are we all watching things in progress
that we ought to be raising collective hell over?

The past few days I've gotten this familiar feeling of déjà vu.
A decade ago, I wrote about the lunacy of Shimon Peres funding
his buddy Arafat to the tune of thousands of guns to begin an
army, aka police force. I was right then, and I'm right now. They
ended up being used to kill yet more Jewish soldiers. I don’t think
even Peres, was stupid enough to send them 100,000,000 dollars
to finish the job. I wonder, if Olmert has a commission to be
directed to him somewhere in that bargain?

I know that, despite the lack of leadership in this country,
there are still people “out there” who continue to think that our
President and his administration are doing something right...even
with their obvious fumbling. Could there be a reason? Maybe
we believe blindly what we are being told and are trying not to see
what is staring us right in the face. Bush, touted to the Jewish
people as a “great friend of the Jews,” has supposedly given the
okay for Egypt to transfer weapons and ammunition to thePLO: To
the tune of 2,000 automatic rifles, 20,000 ammunition clips and
2.000.000 bullets. This is to be delivered to Fatah's security
forces in, of all places, the Gaza strip! Gawd.... Tell me this
most recent blunder by Olmert isn't another one that is going
to take more innocent lives of the Jews in Israel.
Naw...couldn't be. Could it?

Of course, I find this even more disturbing because of our
lame-duck President's recent “quiet arms embargo” of Israel
and his continued public support for a PLO state to be called
Palestine, “living in peace side by side” within Israel. The
American papers are stating that Prime Minister Olmert has
recently agreed to a large-scale Israeli pullback on the West
Bank in order to make way for a Palestinian state. Folks, when
does it stop! When?

Am I missing something here? Or, is this yet another move by
this “great friend of Israel” to undermine Israel security and to
appease Arab terrorists with whom Israel’s Prime Minister
seems to meet on a regular basis while calling it “dialogue.”
Dialogue, which ends up in further concessions and
associated disaster for the Jewish State.

If nothing else, the Los Angeles Times is happy with Israel
today. Its front-page lead story generously described that
“Israel escorts Egyptian arms delivery to Abbas.” It then relates
that this was done with the blessing of Israel and the
United States and oh, let's not forget another good friend
of the Jewish state, President Hosni Mubarak. The editorial
page however was not quite so kind. They stated, “The barrier
(security fence) has exacerbated the plight of Palestinians,
including Christians in Bethlehem.” Yeah right! Of course,
it's Israel's fault that Christians have left and that the few
who remain are suffering.

Actually, it wouldn’t hurt Olmert & Company to read the American
newspapers. It might be prudent for them to see “in writing” that
an article in the Houston Chronicle quoting US spokesperson,
Gonzalo Gallegos, scolded the Israeli government for approving a
recent housing development. He stated, “We are seeking an
explanation from the Israeli government regarding this development.”
He further stated, “We will continue to work with Israel and the
Palestinians to encourage President Bush's vision of two states
living side by side in peace.” Prime Minister Olmert has already
agreed to a large-scale Israeli pullback from the West Bank in
order to make way for a Palestinian state. Folks, when does
it stop! When?

Also, while I’m on the topic of reporting on the “all the news that's fit to
print” in the LA Times, let me tell you about a two-page spread they had
with the headline: “Israeli women battle a culture of harassment.” In it,
they relate how many of Israel’s “leaders” in the Knesset have been charged
with rape and sexual harassment, starting with Israel's President, who is
under investigation by the attorney general's office? I wonder, do they
think that instead of dementia or self-serving reasons, the government has
lost it because they walk around so frustrated?

Of course, the transfer of arms to the enemy was only one of the tidbits
that came out of Olmert's meeting with PA Chairman Mahmous Abbas recently.
He, like Peres, despite campaign promises to never release terrorists with
blood on their hands, is ready to once again open the jails. Soon, we’ll
have recycled terrorists roaming the streets planting more bombs in the
restaurants of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Don't worry about Sderot; they have
Kassam rockets falling on them every day without any action by the IDF to
prevent additional attacks or to protect the city's residents. Yet, they
call this a “ceasefire.”

But, hey, Olmert has probably made a promise to good old George Bush in the
hopes of getting a pat on the back. How thoughtful of Olmert to promise to
release them before the Muslim holiday. Obviously, he and the incompetents
leading that nation have forgotten how these animals “celebrate.” Maybe it
is time to warn the Israelis to lock up their kindergartens and discos
before these terrorists have an opportunity to resume their ways.

I wish that Olmert could be forced to sit down and watch a movie that I saw
recently titled For the Sake of Allah. It was filmed in Israeli jails and
included footage of the worst of the worst Arab prisoners responsible for
major terrorist’s attacks over the past few years in Israel. Had it been up
to me, they would have been living in solitary confinement, wearing drab
prison garb, allowed one hour a day for exercise. About the same as
Jonathon Pollard has had for the past 22 years.

Instead, they were well-fed, well dressed with jewelry, up to date clothes,
free to walk around and actually attend classes including instructions in
how to commit the next bombing as soon as they are released. I'm surprised
the Israeli jailers haven’t arranged “socials” with the female inmates but
then I recall their preference for young boys. I was outraged when I
watched them actually gloat about how they killed in the name of Allah and
expect to do it again. These people need to be hanged publicly and not
exchanged or set free.

With the total lack of leadership in Israel, the Islamofascist murderers
have reason to celebrate. And, they already are! “Fatah’s military branch
organized a civilian and military parade yesterday... in gratitude for the
efforts Hezbollah made for the release of Arab and Palestinian prisoners
from Israeli jails as part of the prisoner exchange deal with Israel.”
Fatah is now able to use the kidnapping and killings of IDF soldiers as a
precedent to achieve the release of all prisoners. If it were up to me,
instead of being a lapdog and giving in to the demands of the enemy, I'd
have a public hanging of every one of those terrorists with blood on their
hands to show, “it doesn't pay to even think of committing the savage crimes
they commit”.

However, I refuse to believe the lies that I read in the newspapers.
Right...? Right! Surely, Israel, as a democracy (not as I define it), with
free will and brilliant minds to find cures for terrible illnesses and rack
up Nobel Prizes, isn’t stupid enough to let sworn enemies walk off with 100
MILLION dollars so these thugs can purchase more bombs. Do Olmert and the
Israeli public really believe that Abbas is a “peace partner?”

If so, I have some real estate in the swamps of Florida I would like to
sell them. This is the same mentality we would see if George W were to sell
advanced technology to Osama Bin Laden. Olmert isn’t even selling. He’s
giving them 100,000,000 to complete their final solution.

Wow, what a shrewd leader Olmert is? The bombs keep on raining down on
Israel's borders and this man believes in an elusive “peace.” And the
Israeli public sits fat and dumb with terminal apathy. Somehow, many of
them do not seem the least bit concerned that Hamas, as proxy for Iran,
keeps calling for the destruction of Israel.

Maybe they ought to read our biased papers. They might learn that their
“good friend,” George Bush, with the support of the US State Department, has
blocked the transfer of weapons and technology to Israel over the past three
months, while repeating his call for a Palestinian Arab State in the heart
of Israel's Biblical homeland. Somehow, the Israeli public is not the least
bit concerned with the Hamas government calling for the total destruction of
all of Israel and its entire population, replacing it with Arab Palestine.
When does it stop?

Instead of opening the checkpoints, Olmert should be sealing them and
evicting the enemy within, including the Knesset members who regularly
support the enemy. In fact, why does Israel even allow Arabs to participate
in the governmental process concerned with making policy and security
decisions? Jews are not even allowed to travel in Arab countries and Israel
benignly gives them official government jobs. Maybe this madness stops when
the jails aren't regularly opened to release savages who have wrecked havoc
on the Israeli public only brag about their plans when they get out. They
should be hanged when caught. Perhaps then, the terrorists might think
twice about it. Especially, if they are hanged with a rope dipped in pig’s
blood. It might stop when those running the government know that they will
never receive money to help them out in their endeavors.

And, finally, it would stop when a serious plan for transfer of all Arabs
living in Israel is formed and implemented!

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