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22 June 2007



I see how the other people involved in this discussion, one way or the
other, are all groping for a proper description of Islam. But they all fail.
This holds true both of those whose intuitive grasp of Islam is of the right
kind, as well as for those who are utterly clueless. And without the proper
terminology, their reasoning is bound to lead them all wrong.

Islam has been described e.g. as "nihilistic" and "anti-mind", but in the
next sentence modern liberalism is described using the same words (may I add
to this list of "similarities" that both Islam and liberalism are words
ending with the letter "M"?). A courageous attempt to capture the essence of
Islam is to describe it as a "supremacist warrior ideology of plunder and
submission". But even that is not even close. This is a label that can
arguably be put on numerous civilizations in our history, none of which are
even close to being as bottomlessly horrid as Islam, some of which were not
all that bad. The most popular word used to describe Islam seems to be
"evil". But since it seems to be equally popular to describe modern
liberalism, or some other Western ideology, as "evil" in the next sentence,
this makes the meaning of the word evil collapse, as if matter meets
anti-matter, and the word completely loses its meaning for this purpose.

What is Islam? Islam is all about Muhammad. Muhammad is like the mad evil
scientist who understood well the deepest secrets and inner functions of the
human nature, and used this knowledge to dehumanize his followers, and
create the most perverted, parasitical and destructive movement, maximally
possible. Muhammad was a sexually perverted psychopath, but a psychopath
with an unparalleled intuitive intelligence, which he used to create Islam.
Islam which is a set of social formulas, tailored with such skill, to create
an ever growing giant movement of psychopathy, spreading its parasitical
perversion even 1400 years after the death of its creator. There is no
single historical person having had such influence, over so many people, so
long time after his death, as Muhammad. The dream of many scientists in the
history of mankind has been to invent a perpetuum mobile. Muhammad has
succeeded best so far. The satanic "machine" he invented, Islam, is still
untiringly running, 1400 years later, parasitically destroying everything
that comes in its way.

Muhammad understood that sex and fear are the keys to total mind control of
a human society. He combines them skillfully. Below follows a description of
one of the many formulas carefully tailored, using these elements, by the
skillful psychopathic mind of Muhammad. But there are many more. Everything
is perverted in Islam, down to then smallest aspects of every-day life. All
meticulously regulated in the Hadiths.

While the Muslim society is deprived of any hopes for natural human
inclinations regarding sex and sensualism, Islamic warfare is full of
promises and guarantees for Muslim men. Driven by pent-up sexual lust and
fear of hell, the Muslim warriors fight till they die, or till they win. If
they die, they are guaranteed a place in Islamic heaven, where 72 voluptuous
virgins are waiting for them in an eternity of lustful sex. And there is
wine too. There are also "pearly boys" for those who are such inclined
(Muhammad thought of everything). If they win, they are free to take as many
"right hand possessions" as they like. "Right hand possessions" is Islamic
lingo for female sex slaves (conquered by the sword). Apart from the four
wives, a Muslim may have as many female sex slaves as he wants.

So engaging in Jihad is a win-win situation for the sexual lust of
frustrated Muslim men. Regardless of the outcome, warfare will provide them
with an abundance of casual sex. Sex without emotional ties, with women
(many women!) who never say no, whom they can do anything they like with,
including raping them. Islam is a religion with the spirituality of a porno
movie. As quite as a porno movie the religious message of Islam will play in
the minds of the Muslim men, motivating them to engage in warfare,
motivating them while waging war. The other motivating force is the fear of
hell. And with an unintelligible god as Allah, there is no way to know for
sure how to avoid hell. The only ones that are guaranteed a place in heaven
are the warriors that die in battle. So even after plenty of lustful sex,
raping their female sex slaves, there is still a motivation for Jihad
warriors to go back to battle. Muhammad thought of everything.

It is important to understand that for Muslims, heaven and hell are very
real places, taken fully literally. Hell is a place where molten lead will
be poured over their faces, so that their bellies and skin will be melted.
They will be tormented forever with fire, wearing garments of fire, And when
their skin is burned off, a fresh skin will be provided, and he torment
starts anew. Muslims are paralyzed with fear of Islamic hell. Both heaven
and hell a places more real to a Muslim than the earthly life.

I will have reason to come back to the pivotal position of sexual perversion
in Islam. Its way of explicitly encouraging things as pedophilia or cutting
the clitorises off the women. How the Hadiths regulate things as the shaving
of Muslima pussies. That it's OK to sodomize an infant, and to mix animal
excrements in food. There are many of these "more complex truths" in Islam
for Jim Kalb to ponder upon.

Islam is carefully tailored to bring out the worst animally savage side out
of male sexuality, likewise with criminal psychopathic blood-thirsty
behavior against non-Muslims. While women are reduced to cattle, without
human value, whose only purpose is to serve the animally savage sex lust of
the men and, more importantly, as breeding machines.

There is much more to be said of how to properly characterize Islam, but
this will have to serve as a start and a background for the continuing
discussion. I have come to a point where I have a lot of things to say, for
which a proper description of Islam serves as the background. So stay tuned.

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