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07 October 2007


Sunday, October 07, 2007

In a message dated 10/7/2007 1:28:59 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Shainsha writes:
To whom it may concern, It should be evident by now to all lovers of Israel that so-called peace conferences are detrimental to the health of the Jewish people. The major Jewish organizations were silent on Oslo, silent on the agreement to strangle the Jews of Hebron, and silent on the expulsion of the 9000 residents of Gush Katif; if we continue to remain silent, we will have no Eretz Yisroel, chalilah, to speak up for in the future. We are sleeping while the Har Ha Bayit is being trashed; we slept through the disastrous agreements mentioned above. Can we afford to remain asleep any longer? Jeanette Goldsmith NY
To the Readers of my List, amv"sh

Jeannette Goldsmith has asked major Jewish Organizations to end the Silence in the face of tragic forces out to destroy Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel and all that we hold dear.

Many of you argue but organizations such as Young Israel and Manhigut and others have been outspoken. The answer to your comments is that unfortunately we are all linked together by our Collective Silence. There is a universal perception of a Collective Jewish Silence even when individual organizations or individuals do speak up. It is not enough for Young Israel or Manhigut or Temple Insitute or Hebron.org or Lehavdil myself etc. to be outspoken as individual organizations or individuals. We need to create a louder voice. A Joint voice. A United Voice. We, (CAJL) have initiated to collect statements by all the like minded organizations such as Young Israel, Iggud Harabonnim, Hebron, Itamar, Kever Rochel, Manhigut Yehudit, National Union, Temple Institute, Root and Branch etc. etc. etc. to create a LOUD VOICE. Whether this is a CAJL initiative or an initiative by any other organization or individual activist, it doesn't matter. This initiative in necessary for our collective survival. Once WE unite in OUR Torah true message, the chances of influencing organizations such as OU, Agudas Yisroel and even Conference of Presidents is greater. The Evangelical Christian Right have already proclaimed the right of Jewish Sovereignty in the Land of Israel. A strong Jewish Voice combined with a strong Christian Voice will have a strong impact on White House decisions and government policies. In the absence of a United Statement based on Torah there is a perception that the majority of Jews are in agreement with the message of the United States of America which is that a Palestinian State is the way to "peace".

The Message of our enemies have been defined and broadcast LOUD and CLEAR. Their powerful voice proclaims that Israel and the Nation of Israel are occupiers. The deafening void in the Authentic Jewish Voice has created an environment that breeds the Mideast "Peace" Conference.

Individuals such as myself have taken up the challenge to attempt to unite all believers in the Torah to state our fundamental Belief in a LOUD VOICE. But our attempts is being met with fierce resistance. Even you, our closest allies and friends are resistant to state the obvious in a joint venture. Who will state it first you ask? Why this resistance to this joint venture? Beats me. I have no idea. Almost each and every one pf upi including Chareidi Rabbanim say that these points are fundamental to Torah. Perhaps there is an attitude of resignation. People say that a public Statement won't make a difference. Nobody is listening to what I or you say or even what we collectively say. It doesn't matter what we say.

Could you imagine if each voter would say that their vote doesn't make a difference and therefore what's the point of voting? I would be thrilled if others recognize the need for such an initiative and take it as their own private initiative. If only like minded people and organizations would be willing to join in a common message, we have a fighting chance. Our only chance.

Defining our Authentic Jewish Message?

There is One G-d. There is One Torah. The Land belongs to G-d. The Entire World was created by G-d. G-d has assigned the seed of Abraham. Issac and Jacob with the Biblical Mandate to be the only legitimate caretakers of the Land of Israel and with obligations to keep the Biblical Commandments associated with the Land. These givens based on the Torah are mutually exclusive with the RoadMap Plan of the Bush Administration and it's spokesperson Condeleeza Rice. One cannot truly believe these statements and work towards the establishment of a Palestinian State.

The Jewish position is that territorial concessions deny the purpose of the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel and the Will of the Creator of the world. Territorial Concessions destroys any chance of bringing Blessings to the World. In addition, we proclaim that Temple Mount is central, fundamental and integral to the Land of Israel, and the Jewish Religion.

Temple Service is exclusive for the Priests of Israel who are the seed of Aharon and Pinchas from the Tribe of Levi . This is not a racist concept. This is Torah. No foreigners including majority of Jews are allowed into designated areas of Temple Mount. The Nation of Israel including righteous converts are the inheritors of the Land of Israel. This is not a racist idea. It is fundamental to Torah. This comes in conjunction with the underlying agreement that the Nation of Israel are obligated to keep the commandments in the Torah while all other Nations are obligated with the 7 Laws of Noach and accept Jewish Sovereignty in Israel as not only legitimate but as ideal..

PLEASE RALLY AGAINST MIDEAST "PEACE" CONFERENCE. How can this be accomplished? We wish to collect too many to count statements claiming our legitimate rights to the Land of Israel and our opposition to any discussion of a foreign entity within the Boundaries of Eretz Yisroel. We wish to lobby all believers in the Torah to do the same. We wish to form an AGUDAH Achas LeAsos Retzon Avinu Shabashamiyim, (a single Unit to effectively counter the force out there to destroy the Nation of Israel, the Torah and the People of Israel). Unity, it can't hurt. What do we have to lose?????? Please send your statements to
faigerayzel@aol.com or Shmuelkoenig@verizon.net. If you agree with this initiative, simply adopt it as your own. Hijack the idea. Ask your list to send their statements to you and then collectively we'll try to coordinate merging all of our statements. The more Statements claiming Eretz Yisroel by individuals or Rabbanim or Organizations, the better. You, members on my list, not only believe such Biblical statements as mentioned above, but are living examples of what you believe. Write down what is obvious and basic to you and your faith. Next ask your fellow Jew wherever they reside, to do the same and to take an action that shows that their prayers are not simply Lip Service.Ask them to show that they believe that learning Torah is for the sake of keeping Torah and not merely as a spiritual and philosophical exercise. In order to observe Torah one needs the physical Land. There is no getting around this fundamental truth whether or not one physically lives in Eretz Yisroel or the Diaspora. In order to create light one needs a candle or a lamp. The all encompassing light of Torah requires the Land of Israel . The Torah is not given to angels. Angels wanted the Torah but Moshe asked the angels. Do you conduct business? Do you have parents? The Torah is meant to be observed on a material world, on Earth, in the Land of Israel and by human beings. Torah can not be fully observed in the desert, and not even in a Bais Medrash of Lakewood. We are imperfect humans and we need the Torah as our guide and we need material objects such as the Land of Israel in order to keep the Commandments.

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