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27 November 2007

Jewish Israeli Citizen - The owner of the place

A comment found on Ynet.co.il - an Israeli news site - posted by a brave Israeli

There is not a single Arab in the State of Israel or in the territories of the Land of Israel who doesn't have an Arab homeland. That is why you are Arabs. Sponsored, encouraged and protected by the Ottoman and British conquerors, you have invaded, penetrated and dripped onto the Land of Israel. But this does not make you her owners or rulers.
Please open a map of the world, Israeli or Arab one. You will find that the territory of the 22 Arab countries is larger than Europe, and that the territory of all 56 Muslim countries covers one-third of the planet. It is an enormous territory with endless resources of oil and wealth. So it seems that it would be OK for the Jewish people to have one miniscule state of their own without sharing it with Arab Muslims, does it?
And let me say a couple of words about the Palestinian "nation." You are not a nation. You are a Muslim fixation the sole goal of which is to conquer the Land of Israel. Let's start with your name:When the Romans conquered Israel, they named it "Provincia Palaestina," after the Philistines, who lived in the coastal towns of Israel.The Philistines were one of the "Sea Peoples" who came to Israel's shores from EUROPE, and dissapeared from our area about 1600 years before the birth of Muhammed.
The Arabs with roots in the Arab Peninsula have absolutely no connection to the Phillistines; whether genetic, religious, cultural, historical or geographical.You are Arabs and not Philistines. In a similar manner, the Romans could have called Israel "Provincia Switzerland." Would that make you Swiss?
In regards to the Land of Israel:Choose any historical account, any historical map, or any internationally recognized historian who can show us where Palestine is. When in the history of human kind was there a state or a land that was called Palestine? When in the history of human kind was there a Palestinian "nation"? Who are you? Where did you come from and what is your connection to the Land of Israel?
Nowhere in the world, including the Arab and Muslim sources and the Koran, in which the Land of Israel is called "Land of Israel, the land of the People of Israel", can I find even one detail to substantiate your claim.
There is a British account from the period of the British Mandate. There is a Turkish account from the Ottoman period. In all of the accounts of those who occupied Israel, there is no memory of the Palestinian people or the Palestinian state. Therefore, let's summarize by saying that if you can find any account of your existence in the Land of Israel that is not a part of the Palestinian propaganda that changes historical facts, then we will have something talk about.
You are a coincidental accumulation of factions and tribes from the Muslim world that hate each other almost as much as they hate us. In fact, this is the only thing that unites you – the hatred of Zionism. This is the most pathetic base for building a nation!
In 1948, the number of Arabs residing in Israel was equal to the number of Jews who resided in the Arab states. The 20th century was a century of immigration and population exchange all over the world. All the Jews from the Arab states have returned to their homeland. All the Arabs living in Israel were supposed to return to their homelands in the Arab world. Not only did you not do that, but you continued infiltrating and penetrating the Land of Israel in every sophisticated way that one can think of.
In every way Israel's feeble policy has allowed you to.
In fact, you do have a Palestinian state today. It is Jordan. But you want three Palestines: Jordan, the "new Palestine" that will be established in the West Bank and Gaza, and of course the Israeli Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians will continue living in Israel, bringing you more and more Palestinian "brothers" from all over the world. This way in a decade or two, the Jews will become a minority in their country and Israel too will become Palestine.
It's not acceptable to us.Therefore, what will happen in the end is that despite the illusions being spread by our Left that fill your hearts with big hopes, you will have to return to your homelands. It will happen either by peace or by the sword. Throughout the years and with the establishment of the Zionist community, you have adapted for yourselves the Jewish ethos: the holiness of Jerusalem and the right of return to Zion.
In spite of you building a mosque in the center of the holiest Jewish site, a Muslim tradition well known in the world, your holy city is Mecca and not Jerusalem, and your right of return is to your Arab homelands not to Zion.
In conclusion, I will suggest to you a wonderful humorous book. It is titled "Innocents Abroad" and it was written in 1867 by Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. He extensively traveled throughout Israel. He saw here no Palestinians, no Arab villages, no blossoming orchards, no lively cities. Nothing. He did see and described desertion, malaria, cholera, quagmires and sands. "The land of weeping," he called it.
Everything that we have here, this paradise called Israel – was built by the Jewish genius.No wonder you and your brothers like this place so much.If you are sitting in your house using electricity and typing the answer on your computer, it is only because the Zionists built a country here that allows you to live on a level completely different from that of 99% of your brothers who live in the Arab states.
Jewish Israeli Citizen - The owner of the place

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