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19 November 2007

How Can We Be So Stupid

How Can We Be So Stupid?
By Arlene Peck

I gave up a couple of months ago. I couldn't take it anymore! How many times can you get to the point of frustration where you just can't repeat the same mantra over and over like a broken record? Listen to me carefully... leadership is lacking both here in the United States and in Israel. What passes for "leadership" is deplorable. Politics has become more akin to a high school play in which clowns, felons, liars, cowards and fools play the roles of politicians.

I stopped writing for a while because I became disillusioned with corrupt governments and "leaders who can't or won't lead.” We, on the other hand are dancing to their tunes like well trained bears in a circus.

Olmert, Peres and a few other inept traitors should have been indicted long ago. All their efforts have been aimed at appeasing the enemy or covering up their own high crimes and misdemeanors. Their main battle plan is to give away parts of Israel that is "not needed.” "Negotiating" for something real in return is out of the question.. They seem to begin and end all their deals by throwing away Israel's birthright. For what? For whom? Israel dances and the world shouts " faster."

Yet, Prime Minister Olmert continues to call the shots while proceeding with plans to dismantle the country one settlement at a time. Israel has always belonged to the Jewish People. Who's stopping him? Is it politics as usual between Olmert and members of our US government? If so, I have news for him. No matter the obscene price of oil, our “boys from Texas" are still falling over themselves to appease the Arabs and make deals for themselves.

Washington eagerly supplies them with the most up to date weapons and state of the art training. With the “friends” that Olmert collects, Israel doesn't need enemies. They already have their own, home grown variety. Actually, many of Israel's enemies have always been those who live within. I wonder, despite all the talk of “peace,” are they complete idiots, insane or what? Did they ever believe that the Palestinian State they were trying to create would be anything other than an enemy on their border? And, let's not forget that as a sovereign nation, Palestine would have the right to import weapons and place them within striking distance of Israel's major cities.

At first, I thought that as a “press person,” I was privy to “special” information regarding the numerous video clips and speeches that the terrorists “leaders” of Fatah-controlled TV regularly broadcast promising Israel's destruction. They announced that every Israeli city will be "liberated" because its "identity is Arab" and "Palestinian" the 'mother Lode." The Palestinian Authority announces in English its demand for a two-state solution, while in Arabic they promise death... Death... and more death to the Jewish infidels. But, naw... they never hid their plans to drive out the Jews. They consider the Jews occupiers of their land. So tell me, why are the leaders of Israel once again going along with George W. and 'Condi? Why would they "make peace" with an evil entity that has no intention of ever making peace? Like the elephant in the room, everyone knows that the objective of these “peace talks” is the eventual destruction of Israel. Peace to them only means surrender. Does anyone truly think otherwise?

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I think I'm at the point where I don't even want to read the newspapers or listen to mainstream media. And as much as I'd like to, I can't blame it all on George W. Bush. Much of the problem is due to the moronic behavior of Israel's corrupt leadership. For instance, if it were up to me I'd take drastic measures to wipe that hell hole called Gaza off the map. And I would do it in the name of self defense. They would get what they wanted...martyrdom. Great! But wishful thinking on my part aside, in reality what I would do is cut off all supplies... gas, oil, electricity, food, water, money, medicine and everything else that I could think of . The area embraces terrorism. Statehood is the last thing I would seek to provide them with. Transferring the population to Jordan, where they belong is a better idea.

So, when I read a directive from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs as the primary reason that, despite the daily terror attacks and bombs lobbed across the line into Israel, Israel still refuses to invade Gaza. They fear that the PA would hold off supplying Israel with gas from an off shore gas field discovered by Israel in 2000. Why you might ask? This field, with an estimated worth of $4 billion was given as a gift by then-Prime Minister Barak to the PA. Now, this “gift” is being developed with British Gas. Of
course, it matters not that Sharon did oppose the deal because he knew the revenues would be used to fund terrorism. Present Prime Minister Olmert is going along with it anyway.

Who gives Olmert the power to give away a county? Does the “democracy” in Israel give the right to its incompetent leaders to regularly open the jails and release thousands of terrorists in their regular “good will gestures?” As I write this, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is planning to release another 400 hundred terrorists from Israeli jails; another futile attempt to prop up the government of Palestinian Authority Chairman
Mahmoud Abbas. Why not just tear down the gates to the zoos and let the most vicious animals roam free? Security is no longer a requirement; attacks on Israel are gauged by the needs of the international public forums. He who is the most extreme is always the hero.

The situation has become so bizarre that one recent release of 255 Fatah prisoners from the Ketziot security prison was dependant upon the terrorists "making a promise that they would not murder Israelis." Most of those released had been convicted of attempted murder or placing bombs in hopes of murdering Israeli Jews.

So, they were released... except for the one lone terrorist who decided to stay in the jail so that he could continue to receive free medication for his arthritis. How stupid are they! We? Did I also mention that the wanted men were given a three month "trial period" during which they promised to avoid all terrorist activities? After that they would officially be removed from the "fugitive" list. Later, according to one report, they were to
receive new weapons after joining the PA security force.

But, how can I question such stupidity when even our US Postal Service has okayed a Muslim stamp. At the same time, the ACLU is probably busy trying to block issuance of the Christmas and the Easter stamps. But, we must not be politically incorrect. Our cities are being turned into third world communities by the influx of illegals, supported by my tax dollars because my President favors a "guest worker" program. So, why am I expecting the people of Israel to get off their duffs and march by the millions in protest of what they see happening? I don't.

That hell-hole of Gaza needs the gas of Israel? Now that's really comical! Israel, the size of New Jersey is constantly denounced as a threat to all 22 Arab nations. Combined, these countries are larger than the European Union. The fifty-six Moslem countries that cover almost one-third of the Earth's land mass are unbelievably rich from oil…none of which seems to find its way to Gaza.

Refugees? For sixty years? These people belong amongst their own kind...in the Palestinian state of Jordon. FYI, there has never has been a nation called Palestinian. There are no historical documents or historical maps that support the theory that a
Palestinian nation ever existed. In fact, there isn't a single acceptable history book that states that a people in the area ever called themselves "Palestinians." The Arabs are not genetically, religiously, culturally, historically, and especially geographically Palestinians. They are ARABS!

Big difference. Even in the Koran, the land is called, "Eretz Israel, the land of the people of Israel."

Of course, the Koran, which ought to be required reading for the ACLU, also describes how the pedophile, Mohammad, "married" a six year old but waited until the child was nine to consummate the union. He is the role model for the savagery that we see today.

And, no matter what, we trudge on without question of the faulty judgment of
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush in their attempts to foist upon Israel and the rest of the world a “final peace accord.“ That leads us to the upcoming conference in Annapolis. Has anyone read the papers lately and watched what Fattah and Hamas have been doing to each other? To celebrate the memory of Arafat, the Father of Terrorism, a new building was erected as a memorial costing upwards of two million dollars. Do they care...? The "refugees" will dip into the till of the United States Treasury (pardon me, the United Nations) for a subsidy.

I'm writing now because it finally hit me! The lack of leadership and the blind stupidity of the countries that follow these “leaders” are sucking the strength and energy out of us. Somehow stupidity and craziness has become the norm. To keep on giving and giving and getting nothing in return, not even recognition of the right to exist, is ludicrous. And all the while, they keep demanding... more and more! Annapolis? No thank you!

The inept leadership of both the US and Israel must not be allowed to rewrite history. It's obvious they never learned the lessons of history and are simply going to repeat past mistakes! The Roadmap to Hell, at least, once had the pretence that it was about peace. Now? It's only has as the goal of creating a terrorist's state bordering on Israel.

This additional terrorist state will cost Israel about 90 billion in relocation costs. And what about the cost of security? That increase alone would put a huge dent in Israel’s defense budget . The Annapolis plans could bring Zionism to an end and Israel as a Jewish State might not survive. Where are the masses? Millions in Israel should be marching to stop this madness. Stop the world. I want to get off!

But cynic that I am, let me end on a high note. This year, Islam and Judaism celebrated their holiest holidays by overlapping for ten days. During this time: Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks in ten countries. Jews? We celebrated our 159th Nobel Prize Winner. I rest my case!

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