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09 February 2008

Islam: The Real Culprit

Islam: The Real Culprit
Religion Michael DevolinFebruary 9, 2008

It is written in the Jewish Torah that Jacob, after wrestling with an angel, inquired of him, "Divulge, if you please, your name." Jacob wanted to know with whom he was wrestling. Afterward, he asked the angel to bless him, and the angel, it is recorded in the Torah, blessed Jacob. There is a lesson here for the Western world today: Know with whom you are wrestling, and know also whether your opponent, after you make peace with him, can benefit you.

I believe our so-called experts - media-junkies like Daniel Pipes for example - have become so buried by self-aggrandizement and megalomania in their blind pursuit of presenting to the Western masses every week yet another of their remedies to the crisis befalling the non-Muslim world that they have omitted, whether intentionally or otherwise, the real culprit behind all these problems, which, in my opinion, is the religion of Islam. Here you have Daniel Pipes suggesting Israel annex Jewish land to Muslim Egypt; there you have President Bush suggesting Israel donate Jerusalem to Palestinian terrorists. And all this time Islam, wherever Islam is the predominant religion, continues teaching its adherents to hate these good-willed and insanely generous and naive non-Muslim types: take no Christians or Jews for your friends - unless, of course, they are donating billions to your Muslim nation or giving away Jewish land to your Muslim terrorist brothers.

I watched a debate on TV the other night during which Sam Harris (The End of Faith) opined that to proposition the core belief of Islam as being non-violent is ridiculous. In one of his articles (Sam Harris on the Reality of Islam) he writes, "It is time we recognized - and obliged the Muslim world to recognize - that ‘Muslim extremism' is not extreme among Muslims." This statement is altogether contrary to Daniel Pipes proudly proclaiming to the world that "moderate Muslims" will save the nation of Turkey from Islamic extremism. Daniel Pipes, it should be noted, also at the time and in the same article, besmirched all my non-Muslim friends who are, at this moment, heart-and-soul and fearfully engaged in warning the West of what they perceive is the malevolent threat of Islam the religion. Daniel Pipes is one of those cloud-covered critics who deem everyday human beings who actually feel afraid of Islam (as if that's illogical!) as being mentally unstable. I personally think Daniel Pipes' obsequious dedication to political expediency has left him afflicted with a morbid blunting and deterioration of his senses. But that's just me.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting California's talk show host Arlene Peck. Here is a woman who has never backed down from kicking Israel's enemies (one of which is the religion of Islam) squarely in the behind. From our conversation I gathered that she has identified Islam the religion as being the real culprit behind suicide bombings and contemporary anti-Jewish hatred. Arlene's brave stance is no surprise to me, since women, when you consider examples like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Oriana Fallaci, and Wafa Sultan, are making a far more overt stand against the religion of Islam and its attendant violence than are men.

In a study published by The Journal of Conflict Resolution by Yale University biostatistician Dr. Edward H. Kaplan, and Dr. Charles A. Small of the Yale Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism (anti-Jewish hatred) we read that,

"In the Muslim world, attitudes toward Jews remain starkly negative, including virtually unanimous unfavorable ratings of 98% in Jordan and 97% in Egypt. Muslims living in Western countries have a more moderate view of Jews - still more negative than positive, but not nearly by the lopsided margins that prevail in Muslim countries."

No small wonder then that women, like those fearless souls I mention above, against whom the religion of Islam dictates much discriminatory denigration, are at the forefront in exposing to the Western world these malefic trends of Islam the religion - to the shame of politically constrained egoists like Daniel Pipes.

It is written that the angel, after he had agreed to a truce with Jacob, blessed him. The non-Muslim West will never experience peace with Islam, let alone a blessing forthcoming from its savage ideology. Islam the religion, as exampled by Islam-dominated nations, does not accord the non-Muslim equal status. And what patriotic, freedom-loving American or Canadian or Brit or Australian would accept such a servile and degradative denouement? Moreover, who of us, whether Canadian or American or Brit or Australian, would accept this same degradative denouement imposed upon us by Islam's litigious, religiously driven expansionists? Hence I ask the hypothetical question: After we make peace with Islam (even if peace with Islam were actually attainable), how could such an insalubrious, intolerant, and racist religion actually benefit Western "kaffirs"? The answer is that it can't, and Islam's bloody history is evidence of this undeniable truth.

Islam holds no blessing in reserve for Western man, only tyranny and brutality. No amount of apologia, sycophantism, flattery, sophism, and cavil will ever alter this devastatingly portentous reality.

Edward Watson Howe wrote that, "What people say behind your back is your standing in the community." Regardless the inroads Islam's pronoid protagonists believe they have achieved, whether by exploiting what has transpired to be the West's imprudently accommodative justice system, whether by exploiting what most non-Muslim Westerners perceive to be Islam's tradition of violence against those who openly oppose its expansions, nothing will change the fact that the majority of Western "kaffirs" quietly realize by now that Islam the religion is the real culprit here - the terrorists and hate-driven imams who give substance to its terrifying ideology are logically but dreadfully secondary.

I believe that Islam the religion, whether "over there" or "over here," is even now forcing Western governments into that position John F. Kennedy defined when he warned that, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Mr. Devolin’s piece first ran in the Magic City Morning Star

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