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17 March 2008


Jewish Agency Official Survives Terrorist Bombing in U.S.

by Velvel ben Moshe
B’nai Elim Blogmaster
‏17 מרץ 2008

Below my comments is the article in the Jerusalem Post which reported this attempted murder of an Israeli representative.

Spontaneous…The Jerusalem Post has said that Israeli Authorities and the FBI believe that the firebombing attack on the home of the local representative of the Jewish Agency in Rhode Island was “Spontaneous”, hmmm??? Just what is the definition of “Spontaneous”? Very simply put, and according to the internet’s “Word Web”, Spontaneous means: “Said or done without having been planned or written in advance

They said that Yossi Knafo’s, the Jewish Agencies representative for Rhode Island, house was firebombed at 0200 hours. The method of attack was by the use of not one, but TWO Molotov Cocktails and the perpetrators are supposed to be, get this…a “local group” who just happened to launch a “spontaneous” attack.

The preparation of a Molotov Cocktail takes premeditated planning and preparation (which is not “Spontaneous”). This was clearly a botched Terrorist Attack, the purpose of which was the murder of a Jew!

My main concern is why this has not only been ignored by the U.S. media, but why is it being played down in Israel? If my memory serves me correctly, didn’t Hassan Nasrallah, the chief terrorist for Hezbollah, along with the Iranian Putz, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad call for direct attacks and against Israelis “anywhere in the world”?

Isn’t it logical that if a bomb is thrown through the living room window of a Jewish home at 0200 that it was not simply a random “spontaneous” act? Oy vey! We might be dumb, but we ain’t stupid.

I see this omission in coverage as the Israeli Government (and the good ole embarrassed U.S. Government & CondiSleeza Rice) trying to put the lid on the story. This attitude is our carry-over from 1930s Europe when the political correctness of the day was “leave it alone…don’t do anything to call attention to ourselves!!!”. Then we were Sheeple…Today we should be the Sheep Dogs and Sheep Dogs protect the Sheep.

So I say… tell it like it is, we can take the heat because we’re already in the kitchen. I will also say this, isn’t it about time that we responded with this statement:

There will be no sanctuary for those who attack Jewish people, Jewish Institutions, or Jewish Interests anywhere in the world.

Never Again!

The Jerusalem Post story follows:

Mar. 16, 2008
Israeli security officials believe Saturday's Molotov cocktail attack on the home of Jewish Agency emissary in Rhode Island Yossi Knafo was most likely perpetrated by a local group launching a spontaneous attack, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
No one was wounded in the attack, which took place just before 2 a.m. near the Brown University campus in Providence, Rhode Island. One firebomb hit an outside wall of the house and lit a fire in the yard, while a second firebomb passed through a window into the living room, but failed to explode.
Knafo, who was awake in the adjacent bedroom at the time of the attack, immediately alerted local police and Jewish Agency security personnel. He was transferred temporarily to a hotel.
Though the attack was spontaneous, "this marks a serious escalation," a source familiar with the case told the Post. "This isn't a threatening letter, a stone through the window or an anonymous phone call."
Security officials point to other spontaneous anti-Jewish attacks on American soil that had deadly results, such as the July 2006 shooting in the Seattle Jewish Federation and the 2002 shooting attack on an El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles International Airport.
"This is terrorism in the full meaning of the term," said the source.
Police and the FBI had opened an investigation into the attack. A neighbor reportedly told law enforcement officials that she had seen two unidentified individuals near the house at the time. The unexploded cocktail was being examined for fingerprints and other possible clues to the identity of the assailants.
The Jewish Agency's security apparatus in North America was on alert after the attack, and the Post has confirmed that agency personnel are in contact with the individual detectives handling the case in the FBI and local police.
The context for the attack is as yet unclear. Knafo has said he knew of no reason anyone would target his home, while Amos Hermon, a member of the Jewish Agency Executive and chair of its Task Force on Anti-Semitism, echoed other agency officials in noting the attack may mark an unparalleled escalation of anti-Israel campus activism.
"This is unprecedented," said Hermon. "A Jewish Agency emissary hasn't been attacked in America for decades, and we've never known a Molotov cocktail attack that came from anti-Israel or anti-Semitic groups."
As a semi-official organization, the Jewish Agency is a "protected entity," the security of which is under the purview of the Israel Security Agency (ISA), which coordinates security for Israeli representation overseas.
Agency officials, including Hermon, cite tensions that may have risen over the weekend due to a massive Jewish Agency campaign on dozens of university campuses and in hundreds of synagogues and schools in the US and worldwide to commemorate the March 6 terror attack on Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva which killed eight students.
The agency has also received warnings from Israeli security services over possible retaliation attacks in the wake of the assassination in Damascus of Hizbullah mastermind Imad Mughniyeh on February 12. At the time, Israeli officials welcomed Mughniyeh's death, but did not claim responsibility for the operation.
Following the Saturday attack, hundreds of Jewish Agency emissaries throughout the US and Canada were briefed on the event and its security implications.

1 comment:

  1. I am a proud suporter of Jews and Israel, always will be no matter what. I am sickened as a blind eye is given to Jihad and how one day it will effect everyone, and they won't like it too late..All the cover-ups of Jew hate, murder, jihad and even against those like me..and every so called church that is against Israel is cursed, Genesis 12:3. I do not follow man, I follow the only G-d of Abraham. One day soon, the first will be last, the last will be first and some will be no more. It is not like scripture doesn't tell us what is happening and soon more hell on earth. For me, I know where I will spend eternity, and that will be with Israel and G-d forever..and they will rule from Jerusalem. So for now, Psalms 83 is my prayer and I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because I know that we are praying for Messiah to come, and according to scripture, the time is very soon. He is coming..and all Israel will be saved, as it is written. Israel is my heart, PERIOD..


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