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10 September 2008

REASON...An Issue!

Blogmaster's comment: This is a long read but worthwhile if you, as I do, fear the rapid progress that Islam has made in it's latest conquest to conquer the World, destroy Israel and America. This writer gets it right...if America falls, so does the rest of the world. There are only two countries that unabashedly and brazenly oppose Islamic tyranny...Israel and the U.S. Other countries pretend to go along but grudgingly so. Europe is lost and Israel and America are fortresses that must not fall or capitulate.

An Issue of Reason
By Ben Johnson

Folks, I’ve been thinking again [don’t panic] and as you all know this is not the first time we have fought Islamic fundamentalists. As we all understand the Islamic tradition is fairly well known for the penalty it imposes on those who “Blaspheme” Islam, apostatizes themselves from that so-called faith or refuse to accept this nonsense. These are what are known as infidels in the loosest sense of the word.

It appears that everyone not a Muslim and some who are are believed to be blaspheming the Islam religion because we do not believe that nonsense. There are many scholars, historians and lay people both within and without the Muslim community, who believe that the pure, orthodox Islam of the Fundamentalists could not survive outside the context of its seventh-century Arabian origins. If twenty-first-century science, logic, and/or humanistic reasoning were applied to it, it would fall apart as a religion and become what it is, a means of subjugating others and promoting violence. And, the fly in the buttermilk is that those who run the show of this so-called religion would lose their power and authority over the common Muslim, so these leaders hearing of anyone of their faithful have questioned Islam, malign Islam or desire to leave this barbaric Islam, they are usually killed on the orders of the leaders, we see in this a totalitarian modus operandi that harking back to the seventh century feudal system that silences all dissent and examination which protects this seventh century faith from ever having to defend itself.

This is not the first time we have fought Islam, in 1805 President Thomas Jefferson sent an Army officer William Eaton along with a contingent of Marines under Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon to attack Tripoli and the pasha, whom had declared war upon the United States. The pasha whom had at his command Muslim fundamentalists who were nothing but pirates that would attack all shipping on the high seas and take ships and their crews, those not killed were held for ransom until the country to which they belonged [the crew & ship] paid for their release.

Eaton and O’Bannon recruited the pasha of Tripoli’s brother, Hamet, the rightful heir to the Tripolitania throne [who had been in exile in Egypt] to assist in a little regime change. The target was the city of Derna a highly fortified city and major port. After the long and dangerous trip across the desert, O’Bannon called for a bombardment of the city by the USS Nautilus, Hornet and Argus who were under the command of Captain Isaac Hull.

The plan was to cut off the roads out of Derna by using troops and mercenaries of Hamet to deny either the cities populations from fleeing or receiving reinforcements while the Marines under O’Bannon and the rest of the mercenaries attacked the heavily fortified harbor city.

Many of the Derna’s Muslim soldiers were so terrified of the Marines due to their vicious attack and refusal to backup, quickly retreated into the blockage of Hamet’s troops leaving their cannons and rifles unfired. The Marines advanced though the chaos and pandemonium, the Marines fought forward by gun and bayonet and in hand to hand combat, their bravery was unparalleled and would set the standard for every Marine action from then on.

Within about an hour and a half of the initial ground assault Lieutenant O’Bannon raised the American Flag over the harbor fortress. This became the first time the Stars and Stripes had ever been flown over battlements outside of the Atlantic. The Marines held the city and starved off a counter-attack. Both Eaton and O’Bannon were eager to press further into Tripoli, however President Jefferson under pressures from Congress, held them back, preferring instead to conclude a peace treaty and secure the release of the American men and ships being held in Tripoli including the USS Philadelphia, the ship and crew held the longest at 18 months.

It was after the engagement putting Prince Hamet back on his rightful throne, that O’Bannon was presented with a scimitar (saber) used by the Prince’s tribe called Mameluke, in appreciation of the courage of O’Bannon and his Marines. [This is the model for the saber the Marine Officers still carry to this day].

Now we come to the interesting part of the overall story, after President Jefferson left office and retired, Congress went right back to paying tribute to the Muslim terrorist, we had won the war, but as usual Congress, having no stomach to continue a presents along the Barbary Coast, and fearful of being seen as warmongers and taking the chance of not being re-elected, started paying the Barbary pirate's tribute again and at this point, where we might just have defeated the Muslim terrorist of that age and secured a lasting presents to keep the fundamentalists in check or even brought sanity back to that region, Congress did what it does best, cut and ran.

Does this remind you of anything going on here in the 21st Century? But the point still remains that we, as Americans defeated the Muslim terrorist then and as sure as God made little green apples, we shall do it again, but the fight will be the same today as then, we will be fighting two enemies: 1. The Muslim Terrorist 2. Our weak spined Congress, who having spilt good American blood by the Cream of American Military youth, now want to cut and run again. The difference being that now Muslim fundamentalists have made their presents known across the world by setting up conclaves in almost every nation on earth and instead of a few hundred thousands we are now facing one and a half billion (with a B). These foolish people have been raised since birth to believe that by killing non Muslims they are doing the work of their so-called prophet Mohammed and his Koran, [that is so full of mistakes regarding the workings of the human body, the earth, the stars and the planets], that it is impossible for any thinking person to believe this crapola came from the Creator who having made all these thing including the universe, could have communicated this nonsense and claim it was His word. One who created the Universe would not be so stupid as to get what He had created wrong or fail to describe it correctly. It must be clear to any thinking person/free thinkers that what the Muslim perceives as the word of God is just nonsense written by man, who did a poor job of it.

I strongly believe that if this country unites against this sick terrorism we can and will defeat it, for those Muslims that live their peaceful lives both within our country and without our borders, live in peace and prosper, we as Americans have nothing against you; it is your sick twisted leaders who are the problem. They make the suicide bomber, they make the people who fly planes into our building; they are the ones encouraging their followers to kill innocent men, women and children. Islam is not a religion of peace but is just another political movement much like the National Socialist Movement (Nazi); their religion is to kill all who disagree with them and to conquer the world setting up their sick perverted totalitarian political/theological religion/government.

Europe has already capitulated for the most part, they still make sounds like men, but are afraid of those things that go bump in the night, and they know what the terrorist is capable of and they are afraid, their leaders are afraid, the people are afraid so they have fallen into the same trap as they did with the Nazi, they appease, they apologize for the Muslim terrorism and they will receive their appropriate reward, a sword slashing though their necks. It must be understood that there can be no appeasement with terrorist, all a terrorist respects is strength and fortitude and I feel that our Congress both, after all they are too busy filling their pockets with gifts from lobbyists and special interest groups, to worry about a few little things like DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY, FLAG, let alone Freedom and Liberty.

Feel free to disagree with me after all it shall be your children and your grandchildren and their grandchildren that will pay the price for our lack of resolve, our lack of intestinal fortitude and our desire to cut and run leaving our Military, as we have done so many times, hanging out in the wind.

From one American to another, God Bless America.

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