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22 September 2008


These are NOT your father’s Democrats

By Mario Goveia

As a non-Jewish American supporter of Israel’s right to exist in peace and security, it has become increasingly apparent to me that some of the most virulent Bush-haters and far-left-wing Americans supporting Barack Obama, are Jews! Good heavens! Do they have any idea what the real and psychological pressure will be like on Israel if the US administration is put in the hands of Barack Obama, who would embolden Israel’s mortal enemies by making inappropriate moral equivalencies, as he has already done, and recognizing Israel’s enemies as “legitimate” seekers of peace by meeting with them without any pre-conditions?

What compromise position do you imagine Obama is going to propose in such a meeting when Ahmadinejad, or Assad or - take your pick - re-iterate their ultimate goal regarding Israel, now further emboldened by Obama’s obsequious presence at the table??What would make Obama’s election a Perfect Storm for Israel are far left wing Congressional Democrat leaders like Nancy “The surge is not working” Pelosi and Harry “We have lost in Iraq” Reid. Don’t kid yourselves that these sentiments are restricted to Iraq. What kind of national political leadership openly cheers for its own country to fail, and declares defeat right in the middle of a war? What kind of national political leadership continues to fail to recognize what America has achieved in Iraq - an epic and now increasingly successful attempt to plant the seeds of freedom and democracy in places where these had never been experienced before - thus providing Israel with some relief, however small at the moment, from radical dictatorships that have decided in lockstep since 1947 that Israel must be wiped from the face of the earth?

Only Israel’s survival instincts and strength and American resolve has prevented a second Holocaust from happening. Only Joe Lieberman’s lone vote has often stood between an American retreat, which is tantamount to a defeat, and the current victory that is at hand. Why Lieberman continues to caucus with the Democrats after they tried to destroy him and his political career is about as big a mystery to me as the majority of American Jews who blindly vote for Democrats at every level.

When I came to this country as an immigrant 37 years ago I learned how to deal with it from Jews whom I used as role models, and their lessons and example served us well. They stood for higher education, working harder than anyone else, strong family and community values, rugged independence and self-reliance, standing up to discrimination, helping those in need, and protecting with their lives the only sliver of freedom and democracy in the middle-east over the last four decades.

Can ANY of these traits be found in the heart and soul of the MODERN Democrat party? The Republican party’s many faults are all such that they can be changed from within because their heart and soul is still in the right place, they still support the factors that made America great. But if the far left loons who control the Democrats of today - just read their websites and blogs - could rip Hillary and Bill Clinton to shreds, classify them as right-wingers and warmongers - and less than 10% of blacks would support her after calling him the first black US President, then the writing is on the wall. Sadly, the blind cannot see.

In the meantime Osama Bin Laden is planning a radical Caliphate from which to promote Sharia law worldwide, by force if necessary, with only Israel standing in his way regionally, and the US globally - perhaps, sadly, only until this next election. Who can fail to see the subliminal moral equivalencies being made by the Democrat leaders between tyranny and those opposing tyranny, all couched in political spin in order to fool the gullible? When America is blamed for not using enough diplomacy before using force to subdue Saddam Hussein, when George Bush is being blamed for not bringing the feckless western Europeans on board, swept under the rug is the fact that France was trying to lift the UN sanctions and had said they would not allow the regime change in Iraq, “No matter what” in the infamous words of French Foreign Minister, Dominic de Villepain. The fact that the entire world had already tried to force Saddam to comply for 12 long years is also swept under the rug, as are the 17 UN resolutions that demanded to know what he had done with his WMDs as he had agreed to do in the cease-fire treaty he signed in 1991 after being ejected from Kuwait.

If you still have an open mind, ask yourselves, would 9/11 have happened if Democrat icon, Bill Clinton had taken some action against the numerous attacks by Al Qaeda throughout the 90’s starting in New York in 1993? How many even know that Clinton refused to take Osama Bin Laden from Sudan after THREE offers according to the go-between, Pakistani businessman and journalist, Mansoor Ijaz? He was concerned about not having legal “probable cause” even though Bin Laden had claimed responsibility for the attacks. Clinton and the Democrats refused to see Al Qaeda as terrorists, only as criminals.

How many know that the CIA agent tasked with finding Bin Laden prior to 2001, Richard Scheuer, has documented and detailed the THIRTEEN times the CIA had Osama in their gun-sights after he left Sudan for Afghanistan, and waited in vain for the approval from the Clinton White House to pull the trigger, until the opportunity had passed, ostensibly for fear that there may be collateral damage? How many of you know that Osama was so emboldened by all this that he ostentatiously declared war on the US in 1998 and said that America was a “weak horse” that no longer had the will to withstand Al Qaeda, the “strong horse”?

Does anyone out there really believe that Barack Obama would be any more resolute and decisive in these circumstances than Bill Clinton? Do you think John McCain or Sarah Palin would hesitate for even a second to pull the trigger with Osama in their sights?
Bush only had 8 months after the delayed election results in 2000 before he had to scramble to dig us out from what Clinton did to gut our national defense and intelligence services with budget cuts and higher “walls” and bans on what the FBI and CIA could and could not do and his failure to respond to Al Qaeda’s serial attacks.

After 9/11/2001 the world had changed forever by the worst attack on the US mainland in history that targeted mostly hapless American citizens, and a SUICIDE attack at that. Add to that the growing communications between Iraq and Al Qaeda, Saddam menacing his own Kurd and Shia and Israel and other American allies while refusing to disclose his cache of WMDs, and France, China and Russia fighting to have the UN sanctions removed. Could any responsible US president wait any longer to change the regime that could easily provide Al Qaeda with chemical or biological or nuclear dirty bombs for another suicide attack on the US, this time with far greater casualties? That is the scenario that faced President Bush, and as Sarah Palin puts it with her amazing knack for pithy simplicity, a leader cannot blink.

Thankfully, President Bush decided not to be a “weak horse” any longer but an angry giant, provoked once too often.

Thank God America is still a country where young Americans VOLUNTEER to risk and give their lives to help others in need, while being sneered at by the liberal elites who populate the salons in mostly the east and west coasts and talk loftily of “bitter Americans, clinging to their guns and religion”. Sarah Palin, pithy as usual, remarked that that sounded like it was people like her they are talking about, except that she is anything but bitter. Who would you choose to be in your foxhole in a firefight? Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? No doubt it would be her, right? If you valued your life, that is.

Do you really think the raising the income tax rates, investment tax rates, withholding tax rates and estate tax rates of the most productive Americans is going to work just when the economy needs more taxes revenues that the Bush tax rates cuts have provided since 2001? Do you think nationalized health care is the answer? Our Canadian friends come south for urgent and critical treatment. Where are you going to go?

Thankfully, if America decides to punish itself this year, an Obama presidency is likely to be as short as the feckless Jimmy Carter presidency that it is promising to replicate. But it took Reagan years to dig ourselves out of that one, and just in time to help the USSR to implode.

With all this as prologue, I have never been able to figure out for the life of me what any American Jew has in common with the MODERN Democratic party. The old Democratic party prior to 2000, OK, except for the embarrassing Jimmy Carter era. But since Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Edwards, Pelosi, Reid, and now Obama, Biden, Soros, Moore, and the MoveOn.org and DailyKos.com which have taken control of the heart and soul of the party??? Self-serving hypocrite after self-promoting hypocrite who would make us weak and feckless like the western Europeans they admire, who are incapable of standing up to anyone anymore without our security guarantee, leave alone being able to defend liberty as in days gone by?

Then we see Hillary Clinton pulling an appalling political stunt by withdrawing from a Jewish-sponsored protest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York, a man who threatens to wipe Israel off the map on an almost weekly basis and thumbs his nose at the entire international community, just like Saddam did, just because they had also invited Sarah Palin as a guest. Wouldn’t this have been a great opportunity to put aside political rancor and show some joint solidarity for Israel and against Iran? Are these the people who are going to bring us all together as they claim?

These are NOT your father’s Democrats - believe me. National and international security does not supercede their narrow political calculations, and the evidence is there for all to see. In domestic policy their prescriptions have all been tried and rejected in several countries around the world.

Only Joe Lieberman remains like a relic of what Jewish Democrats used to be like and, after this speech at the Republican Convention, he is going to be crucified by the far left loons who run the party, headed by the manic Howard Dean. If the Democrats win one more seat in the Senate, Lieberman is toast. It’s high time he jumped off his fence and put Harry Reid back where he belongs, under a rock someplace in Nevada.
For Jewish Americans all I can say is THINK of all that is at stake before you pull that lever on November 4.

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  1. McCain is definitely in AIPAC's pocket. He's Israel's man, no doubt. Too bad he won't be nearly as good for the United States.


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