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17 November 2008

Israel should cede its Ancestral Homeland for Peace

The Brit Tzedek lectures on the Israel Palestinian conflict with Gbaith al-Omari of the American Task Force for Palestine appears to be a new type of propaganda initiative, to convince us of Palestinian victimology and the need for Israel to cede it’s ancestral homelands for an illusory peace.

Dejavu, the Palestinians have been practicing terror against the Jews of Israel ever since the Grand Mufti, Arafat’s uncle terrorized the Jews of Palestine in the 1920’s, who later sided with Hitler and had a key role in the Holocaust.

The world forgets that while about 700,000 Palestinians left Palestine in Israel’s war of independence, the Arab states expelled about 800,000 Jews from Arab lands, most of whom settled in Israel. Did any of these Jews ever conduct terrorism against localArabs? Yet despite the Oslo peace accords which the Palestinians violated, they still continue to pledge Israel’s destruction , practice hatred and incitement, and teach their youth terrorism, carrying out thousand of heinous evil acts of terrorist death against innocent civilians.

It’s unfortunate that leftist Jews buy into this misleading peace propaganda, which is really “a piece process” to weaken Israel, by falsely claiming occupation of Palestinian lands. Israel’s historic Biblical homelands belong to the people of Israel. There is a Palestinian state, Jordan that occupies 80% of the lands of Palestine. Creating a PLO terror state on Israel’s borders would be suicide for Israel, with PLO terror rockets within range of Israel’s airport and major cities.

Let’s see who Brit Tzedek really is. I recommend that the following article, “The Anti-Zionist Zionists” from Front Page Magazine,
http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.aspx?GUID=FFF51A4E-5B61-4A94-B287-D17F09845DD7 be read and understood. Can we trust an organization funded by Noam Chomsky and the Ford Foundation, which bribes Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria?

The following myths and truths need to be understood by everyone.

Myth #1: Israel is an aggressor.
Truth #1: Israel is the victim of Arab terror.
Myth # 2: The "intifada" wave of Palestinian terror was caused by Israeli occupation.
Truth #2: The "intifada" wave of Palestinian terror was caused by removal of Israeli occupation.
Myth #3: The territory of Israel used to be an Arab Palestinian state.
Truth #3: There has never been an Arab Palestinian state anywhere, anytime.
Myth #4: Arabs are mistreated by Israel.
Truth #4: Arabs under Israeli rule are treated infinitely better than are Arabs living under Arab regimes.
Myth #5: The West Bank is Palestinian land.
Truth #5: The West Bank is Jewish land that was recaptured from Jordan in 1967..
Myth #6: Creation of a Palestinian state will produce peace.
Truth #6: Creation of a Palestinian state will produce escalated war, and perpetual terrorism .
Myth #7: Arab war and terrorism against Israel was produced by Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
Truth #7: Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza was produced by Arab war and terrorism against Israel.
Myth #8: Israeli leftists are seeking to achieve peace.
Truth #8: Israeli secular leftists are motivated by hatred of their own country and their own people, and are seeking an end to a Jewish state of Israel, many favoring a bi-national state.
Myth #9: Arab terrorism is a byproduct of poverty.
Truth #9: Arab terrorists are almost all middle class and educated .
Myth #10: The key to peace is granting Palestinians hope.
Truth #10: The key to peace is taking away Palestinian hope (of destroying Israel).
Myth #11: The Palestinians seek to have their own state alongside Israel.
Truth #11: The Palestinians and their apologists seek to destroy Israel and conduct genocide against Jews.
Myth #12: Zionism is a form of racism.
Truth #12: Anti-Zionism is a form of racism.
Myth #13: Arab violence is a result of excessive use of force by Israel.
Truth #13: Arab violence is a result of insufficient use of force by Israel.
Myth #14: Israel can only achieve tranquility through displays of niceness.
Truth #14: Israel can only achieve tranquility through displays of harshness.
Myth #15: Israeli displays of flexibility and willingness to make concessions build Arab trust
.Truth #15: Israeli displays of flexibility and willingness to make concessions are seen by the Arabs as signs of weakness and encourage Arab aggression and irredentism.
Myth #16: The bulk of Palestinians want peace with Israel and oppose terror.
Truth #16: Virtually all Palestinians support war and endorse terror. None have publicly denounced terrorism.
Myth #17: Abbas is trying to halt the terror.
Truth #17: Abbas personally commands part of the terrorist groups carrying out violence against Israel.
Myth #18: The Road Map is an effective plan to achieve peace.
Truth #18: The Road Map is an effective plan to achieve the destruction of Israel.
Myth #19: The Palestinian cause is similar to that of black South Africans under apartheid.
Truth #19: The Palestinian cause is similar to that of the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia.
Myth #20: Israel is an apartheid country.
Truth #20: Israel is the only state in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid country.
Myth #21: The Arab war against Israel is a struggle for justice.
Truth #21: The Arab war against Israel is a struggle for injustice.
Myth #22: The Middle East war is a result of unwillingness by Israel to share land and resources.
Truth #22: The Arabs control land from the Atlas mountains to Central Asia. The war is because they are unwilling for the Jews to control an area smaller than New Jersey.
Myth #23: Arabs became refugees because Israel expelled them.
Truth #23: Israel invited all Arabs living in Israel to remain as Citizens of Israel with the same rights as Jews. The Arab states refused to admit their bretherin after encouraging them to flee the new state of Israel.
Myth 24: Jews living in Arab states are welcomed and live there in peace.
Thrth 24: Jews from Arab states became refugees because the Arab countries expelled them.
Myth #25: The Middle East war is about Israel refusing to acknowledge the Palestinian right of self-determination.
Truth #25: The Middle East war is about the Arab world refusing to allow the Israeli Jews the right of self-determination.

Jack Lauber
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