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06 January 2009

Beytsim...??? What's Beytsim! Whatever it is...Israel has it!

Wow! Israel has its beytsim back!
By Arlene Peck

For the past couple of years, I haven’t felt like even reading the paper. Not only because the news was so bad but there has been absolutely no leadership. Not here in America and, especially not, in Israel. That, folks has bothered me.

Finally, the politicians, not statesmen, who have been at the helm in Israel, seem to have awakened. I was astounded to see that, finally, they remembered the ‘rule of retaliation’. Someone must have told them that a country that is being attacked by vicious terrorists, day after day, year after year, actually has the right to fight back.

The timing of their incursion into Gaza was brilliant! Everyone has been so busy in celebrating their holiday season that I can hardly find any news about what’s happening in the Middle East on the evening news.

However, I have also noticed that many of the journalists who have been reporting on the “war in Gaza” have Arab names and are anything but impartial in their reporting. I find their reactions so predictable they are almost comical. For instance, today’s LA Times had an article written by two Arab journalists who wrote, “the mounting toll of civilians has alarmed world leaders. Prompting what they call a disproportionate response to Hamas attack and to urge renewal of a truce that “unraveled’ last month.” Let’s see, how did it ‘unravel’? Could it be that Hamas absolutely, positively refused to stop the terrorist attacks or to stop lobbing their steady stream of missiles into nearby Israeli towns? And, the benevolent guys from the United Nations were thrilled when their leader, Secretary-General Ban Ki-mon was quoted as saying, “I have continuously stressed the need for a strict observance of international humanitarian law”. I don’t think so. This group is usually ready to pass out sweets and candies whenever Israel is attacked. In six years, I don’t remember one comment, much less ‘demand’, that the Palestinians stop their constant bombing of Israeli towns. Do any of your remember any of their emergency meetings? The only difference is the Israelis do everything they can to avoid hitting civilians. While the Palestinian enemy set up shop and mortars in the middle of busy civilian streets, hospitals and schools. The mosques that I’m delighted to see are finally being bombed are usually weapons warehouses. Frankly, I don’t give a diddly-squat. As ‘politically incorrect” as I tend to be I’d move them all out and keep the lights turned off. The only humanatarian aid I’ve give would be to help them pack and get out. Transfer? It’s not the dirty word it once was and, I’m all for it!

Frankly, I find it difficult to feel any remorse for a people who elect an organization with its goal of destroying Israel. It doesn’t bother them, however, that Hamas won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006, yet Western governments have shunned them as a terrorist organization. Not the least because of their constant refusal to change their charter devoted to the demise of Israel or to formally accept Israel’s right to exist.

When I say these people are savages, I know from which I speak. I was in Beirut for a few weeks during the Lebanon War in June of 82. And again to Gaza as a journalist posing as a “Christian writer” because sometimes I’m too curious for my own good. The impression that I gained from that ‘rat hole’ was the boredom and hate-filled eyes of the children. Truly, I have never seen such 'old eyes' in kids in my life. All the teenagers seemed to have to do was burn tires. I remember, I drove in with an Arab cab driver and even his car was stoned. And speaking of that, the older ones were sitting around everywhere smoking that ‘laughing water’. I believe they are trained from birth as terrorists. I remember when Egypt was offered Gaza and they didn’t want it because they knew what trouble these people are.

Obama says he is a strong alley of Israel despite rumors that he would be more receptive to the Palestinian position. During the election, I was appalled that the Jewish community here was the financial base of his success. I won’t even go into my disgust that I felt about the Israeli community here who told me non-stop how politically incorrect I was. It was an election that you lost friends over. Now, nothing would make me happier to say that I was wrong. It’s happened beforeJ my being wrong that is.

But, one thing I’m sure of. That being, that no matter what, Israel shouldn’t give any credence to what the world has to say when it comes to the Jewish state defending itself . I know what would happen if the residents of Tiajuana would suddenly start lobbing rockets into San Diego.

Amazingly, I know that what ‘they’ think is always such a big issue. And, I’ll admit, a few years back it was a big concern. But that, folks, were before the rest of the world found out what the Jews have known about the culture of Islam for a long, long time. Then, the news reports and radio talk shows were dominated by the ‘plight of the poor Palestinian’. Since then, however, the Sunday people have experienced the terrorists attacks also and now realize what a cruel and barbaric nation we’re dealing with in this war.

Instead of hearing about the use of ‘excessive’ force, I’m listening to the reporters and call-in stations expound on how every country has the right to defend itself. Even Israel! I’m not hearing a lot of sympathy for the Arab side this time around.

And, the same way that I could even be wrong about Obama, who knows? Olmert, a man disgraced bycorruption charges has surprised me. Maybe the Three Stooges learned from the past war in Lebanon. At least, so far they’ve seemed to put a muzzle on Peres. “This is something I never even dreamed of (said a Gazan who only gave his name as Samch).”We expected some retaliation from Israel, but not like this.” Well, to tell the truth, neither did I. But I couldn’t be more delighted. Israel finally has her beytsim backJ

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