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10 February 2009

Jews in America - Buy a semi automatic rifle and ample ammunition while you legally still can!


By Kirby Ferris
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
© JPFO 2009

Presently in this country, an objective observer would have to acknowledge that a distinct (but far too quiet) majority of Americans do not want any further “gun control”. However, this “soft” opinion is malleable.

Americans watched Hurricane Katrina and realized that the armed citizen was very likely safer than the disarmed victims of plunder and rape. And then Americans watched New Orleans police disarm law abiding citizens. This cannot have set well in the common sense area of most peoples’ brains.

Virginia Tech horrifically showcased the disarmed victim. While anti gun politicians got on the gun grabbing bandwagon, bundling their malicious conniving in pages of “feel good” legislation, many States and municipalities judiciously instituted “right to carry” laws. And now, low and behold, violent crime is dropping in nearly all those locales.
The “real” America has actually been growing away from the delusions of personal disarmament. The “ivory tower” America keeps pounding the drums for more “gun control”. Truth be known? The anti gun elitists know that their strategies have somewhat stagnated.

They desperately need an event, a gory spectacle, to fuel their wish list of draconian legislation.

Years ago, I asserted that the elitists and authoritarians in Congress and elsewhere did not actually care all that much about handguns. Handgun laws are a wedge, a lubricant, into a deeper scheme. When Patrick Purdy shot up a Stockton, California school yard, and many semi automatic rifles become illegal to purchase in that State, quite a few gun owners began to sense a hidden agenda underlying the gun grabbers’ legislative feeding frenzy. It cannot be said too often: Registration leads to confiscation. It has happened too many times in the last one hundred years for any sane person to ignore ... see
"Innocents Betrayed".

It only made sense that our enemies (and that is exactly what they are, because they are the enemies of personal self defense) would actually want the semi auto rifles more than the handguns.

Ask yourself: Why would wannabe dictators and petty tyrants seriously fear handguns when their police forces and soldiers routinely now carry fully automatic rifles? Handguns are primarily a defense against crime. A large capacity semi auto rifle is primarily a defense against tyranny. As bad as street crime has become, we should fear tyranny far more. The historical record is inarguable ... see
The Genocide Chart.
Now stay with me: Way back in 1947 a psychologist named J.G. Watkins performed an experiment in hypnosis. He was working with the U.S. military at the time. Basically, he and his commanding officers wanted to know if someone could be hypnotized and directed to do something that was innately against the subject’s will.

Watkins hypnotized an upright, patriotic soldier and told him he was going into a room that contained a murderous Japanese soldier. The American soldier went into the room and hallucinated that his own commanding officer was this Japanese soldier! The American soldier pulled a pocket knife from his pants (no one had thought to frisk him) and dove at his commanding officer, fully intent on gutting a fellow American! Luckily, a couple of MPs were standing by and saved the commanding officer’s life. 1

This experiment in hypnosis, and the further research that followed, was the stimulus for the novel “The Manchurian Candidate”… and the terrific movie based upon the novel. (A movie, I might add, that was taken completely out of circulation for thirty years. I wonder why.)

Where is this leading? I sadly must predict that we are going to see another major massacre with an “assault rifle” in America. Whether it is the work of a programmed “zombie” or an off-the-radar malcontent, the victim disarmament crowd is poised, some with bated breath, in the wings. Don’t you see? Such a tragedy, either hypnotically orchestrated or “the random act of a lone gunman”, would be a hugely significant win/win situation for them.

Before you start muttering “conspiratorialist”, let me bluntly remind you that “gun control” legislation in America has always been ushered in by either one, or a series, of murderous events.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 (directly copied from Nazi gun laws, it should be noted - read "
Gateway to Tyranny") was fueled by the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK. Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and James Earl Ray were all oddly amorphous perpetrators.
In no particular order, bring on Hinckley (Reagan attempt and the birth of Sarah Brady’s Handgun Control Inc.), Mark David Chapman (John Lennon), and Colin Ferguson (and the birth of Carolyn McCarthy’s hysterical anti gun political career).

But Patrick Purdy (with a semi auto rifle) really set the stage. And then Columbine? Columbine, Colorado, less than a week before the NRA’s National Convention in Denver? And Columbine is nearly a suburb of Denver? Please.

Yes, sadly I will predict that something “big” is coming. The perpetrator will be a white male and the targets will be mostly white. This is because the critical “soft” majority of present pro gun ownership opinion falls in that demographic. These “soft” pro gunners can be redirected towards gun bans if their fear buttons can be pushed.

Next in probability is a white perpetrator against black innocents. This would enflame the “redneck racist gun nut” stereotype bandied about so easily by our opponents. This tactic would use white guilt to expand gun bans.

And what can gun owners do about it if/when it happens? Petition a President who is likely the most anti gun in the history of our nation? Petition a Congress that you already know will sign off on nearly any anti gun ownership law? Petition the Board of Directors of the NRA, knowing full well that (because they have surrendered the high ground for decades) their shopworn schmoozing and lobbying will be for naught?

Each of you reading this must bring one other person into our camp. If every ardent gun owner brings another citizen over to our point of view we will have the ingredients for a lasting victory. I strongly encourage you to direct “fence sitters” to JPFO’s terrific documentary on the Second Amendment.
“2A Today for the U.S.A.” can be downloaded for free from JPFO’s website.

Immediate advice? Buy a semi automatic rifle and ample ammunition while you legally still can. To do so is morally correct, if not politically correct. It is also a way of emphatically voting your beliefs. The thugs in the BATFE ... see "
The Gang Movie" , report the sales volume (but, as yet, not your name) to their two-faced masters.
Obama knows that we are on to him. Let’s not let him forget it.

Blogmaster's Note: The best investment you can make to stay informed on issues of Gun Control is to become a member of JPFO. Click on the logo below, sign up for their free email reports and apply for membership today.

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