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28 April 2009

Obama’s a card carrying Muslim!

‘I told you so!’ Obama’s a card carrying Muslim! You will see!

By Arlene Peck

I love it when I have an opportunity to say: “I told you so,” and, never have I had that chance as I am having with Barack Hussein Obama aka “Barry”.

When I kept on saying that I didn’t want the man as my President all my Israeli and American Jewish friends’ acc used me of being a ‘racist’. And when I replied that it wasn’t a black thing, they gave me this disbelieving look. What I told my friends it was and still is, is the Muslim (in him) thing. Of course that went over like a lead balloon and during that time, I think I even lost some of friends.

But I lost more friends when I told everyone who would listen that I didn’t give a diddly-squat if the ‘poor’ Palestinians never had a country to call their own that was carved out of the heart of the Land of Israel.

Unfortunately, Bush showed much incompetency that brought about a great disliked for him, which only helped for the mess we are in to burst. With a nation looking for a leader to love, it gave Obama the perfect climate to appear out of nowhere and within a short time create the “perfect storm” and be elected on a wave of popularity.

I am ridiculed when I suggest that under Obama’s leadership we are fast losing our country’s way of life as we knew it. I used to write about the dangers of illegal immigration but now, I hear on the news how Obama is putting out trial balloons to legalize millions of them as soon as possible. It is a form of dementia with our leaders which is leading up down the path of not only socialism but national suicide.

Did any of you notice that Obama’s first interview after taking office was not on CBS or FOX news? Naw, it was on al-Arabiya News Channel to the Arab/Muslim world; and his first call was not to a world leader but to his terrorists’ friend, Abbas who is the leader of the Palestinian Authority and al Fatah, none are sovereign states, rather terror organizations! I’m surprised that it was not to Obama’s Nazi friend, the Rev., Wright, to say the ‘coast was now clear.’

It still amazes me how Obama can still garner the kind of loyalty that he has. I feel as though I am talking to the wall when I dare to mention that I truly believe that Obama is a Muslim in heart, body and spirit. In disgust, I watched him pander and bow to the king of terrorism from Saudi Arabia. I have no doubt that one of their favorite discussions was how he was in favor of the Saudi Plan as policy towards Israel. Remember? The one that favors a contiguous Palestinian state that connects Gaza with the West Bank—Judea and Samaria—and includes Jerusalem. Remember, the pieces for peace plan?

I listened how his first international appeal was not to his countrymen but to the religion of Islam. Why not? Now that the election is over, he is free to announce how the administration is actively trying to find Muslim employees since they have been so unjustly deprived in the previous administration. Muslim resumes are pouring into the White House via the Congressional Muslim Staffers Assn. who is sifting through hundreds of names to repair, “ The chilling effects that this community has endured over the last eight years with their erosion of civil liberties” Gee, I wonder if they have a Christian/Jewish Staffers Assn.

Would he have announced, as he did in Europe, that the United States is no longer a Judeo-Christian country but a ‘secular’ one now? Or as he announced: “the United States is a Muslim, Christians, Jewish’ society (notice the priorities). When did that happen?

But, hey, our illustrious President wanted to keep everybody happy. In France, who is not known for being our closest allies, Obama said that he” wants to change our behavior in showing the Muslim world new respect.” If that weren’t enough, he also said America has been arrogant, dismissive and derisive. When he spoke to the Arab station, he “apologized for America’s mistakes and said that he wanted to restore the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world… 20 or 30 years ago.” Oh, was that before the weekly be-headings from this advanced society?

Somehow in all this praise for Islam, I failed to notice any reference to their treating their farm animals better than their women. Or, the repression of human rights and the financing of terrorists, probably just slipped his mind when he was bowing.

Obama took office with a ‘list of things to do’ and he was determined to accomplish it before we all catch what he was doing. So things are happening so fast lately that most of us, probably didn’t notice it. We are in the midst of losing our freedom of speech. For sure, we are rapidly lapsing into a socialist country.

But, let me center on Israel.

Deep down I worry a great deal about Israel’s claiming to be its ‘friends.’ I worry about the United States being so ironclad ‘friend’ to Israel as it always claimed to be, especially now, with a man, who I believe to be fundamentally Muslim, at the helm of our country. With friends like us, sometimes they don’t need enemies. Trusting who we have in power now is like being a ‘little bit’ pregnant!

I’ll make a bet that not too many of you know that our illustrious former President, George Bush and his Secretary of State Madam Condoleezza Rice established, with the full acceptance and support of Olmert and Livni, a USA military training program for Mahmud Abbas’—the head of Fatah, terrorist in a blue suit—forces.. Now, you tell me, on whom do you think, the terrorist organization Fatah, that is regularly announcing to the world that they will never accept Israel’s right to exist, plans on using this US type military training knowledge? However, Olmert and Livni took pride in their making ‘overtures and concessions’ to the Arabs/Palestinians no matter how dangerous the outcome could have been, so they could achieve ‘peace ’ with the Palestinians. I wonder if this duo even knows the true meaning of peace. Giving his Middle East policy, I am most certain that our new President will approve this training program policy, once instigated by Israel, and will make sure it continues.

This (not so) ‘friend’ of Israel, set at not so- kosher ‘style” Seder at the White House which immediately made him greater hero to the Jews who voted for him. Never mind that he bankrolled Hamas out of the White House funds to the tune of $23 million. This however is a drop in the bucket to the almost billion dollars that he committed to Gaza and the ‘Palestinians, under the guise of rebuilding that ‘nation’ from all the damages that the Jewish state caused by defending themselves. Where is one dollar for Israel’s South towns that suffer years of damage from Hamas' rockets? Of course, that bonanza of new funds will be used to rebuild alright…new tunnels and to re-arm Hamas.

On reflection, I wonder if the public relations Seder was to balance the quieter e-mail that was sent out on January 8th by the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association announcing the “Muslim Inauguration Gala” with the usual suspects including congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) and a host of others not the least was CAIR Michigan director, Sawud Walid and Johari. Abduolaye Wade, CAIR Michigan Director, Dawud Walid, and Johari Abdul-Malik of the Muslim Alliance of 20North America. Looking at the extensive list it read like the Who’s Who of leading Islamists in the U.S. who share his ideological framework of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, if any of this happened to become known, he can deny knowledge of their ideology as they did with listening to the Rev Wright for the past twenty years.

This list reminded me of the days of my childhood, when our country took pictures and arrested of the Mafia when. Then it was called the Appellation Meeting and our country knew these men were simply danger. Today, however, the leading Islamists in the United States are all treacherous men who share the political Islam radical ideological and life style like the Muslim Brotherhood. These are the ones who; are now ‘honored guests’ and welcomed by Barak Hussein Obama as a ‘brother’

So my friends, as we were promised, we are having a great change. We are no longer Judeo-Christian country; our leader is now chasing and pandering to our greatest foe—Islam. It was lovely how he became the first president to criticize America on foreign soil. But worse of all, our ‘brother is in the White House is apologizing to the world for who we are…because he wants us to change...To what?

Personally, my thoughts are I’ll keep my money, freedom and guns and he can keep the ‘change’.
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    Thank you for your kind comments at Srebrenica Genocide Blog.

    Please visit again.


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