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10 May 2009

A nuke for a nuke

Attacking Iran is not only about stopping its nuclear program, but preventing nuclearization of other rogue regimes who are now waiting to see the outcome of international quarrel with Iran.
Destroy Iranian oil refineries, bomb pipelines, stop gasoline deliveries. Iranian economy strained to the extreme. Security build-up for Sistan, Baluchistan, and Kurdistan cost Iran a lot of money. Iran had to scrap long-term economic programs.
Why not hit Ahmadinejad’s plane on his trip to Belarus or similar destination? General Doolittle similarly objected to bombing emperor’s house during the war with Japan.
Iran is not the biggest nuclear threat. The biggest is Pakistan. It supports nuclear development programs in many Muslim countries. Muslim radicals heavily influence Pakistan policies and are strong in its military, especially due to the close security-military-religious cooperation in Kashmir insurgency. Pakistan enjoys Saudi Arabian political and financial backing. Pakistan is basically a front for Saudi Arabia nuclear proliferation activities.
Other Muslim countries are also dangerous. Islamists purchased nuclear waste in Kazakhstan and Albania; some got caught, but probably many other shipments went through. It is unknown whether Libya ended its nuclear program or transferred it to a safer location. Algeria and Morocco have nuclear programs. Jordan intends to build a nuclear reactor under Israeli nose, and with the fall of Jordanian monarchy Palestinians will get a lot of radioactive material for dirty bombs.
Egypt can develop nuclear weapons in the matter of years, and Saudi Arabia most likely stocks some of the Pakistani nuclear bombs; Saudi also received top-edge aircraft from the US capable of delivering nuclear bombs into Israel.
Some na”ive souls harbored the dream of North Korea abandoning its nuclear program in return for $300 million foreign aid. The unveiled North Korean nuclear cooperation with Syria dispelled such nonsense. Nuclear weapons are too profitable in strategic and financial terms to part with them. The North Korean ship which delivered nuclear cargo to Syria made two conspicuous stops in Egypt and Lebanon; North Korea cooperates with those countries, too. A ballistic missile strike against North Korean nuclear facilities is the only proper response to its nuclear proliferation efforts. Israel can safely launch the missiles when no hostile satellite watches the area.
Just about every Muslim country, from dangerously large to irrelevantly small, is pursuing some sort of nuclear program, ostensibly peaceful. There are no peaceful nukes. Any nuclear reactor can be used to harvest weapon-grade uranium, and most reactors produce plutonium. These reactors are traditionally thought of as peaceful because harvesting enriched fissile material requires stopping them for weeks or even months, leaving electric power supply short. Muslim regimes, however, can live with power shortages. The Soviet Union built its peaceful reactors with an eye to using them as a backup source of plutonium. Peaceful nuclear proliferation will give Muslim regimes easy access to radiological weapons.
Israel does to stop nuclear proliferation, the nukes will proliferate. Muslim regimes will be happy to nuke Israel. The only policy that can perhaps prevent that scenario is the announced retaliation against all major Muslim targets: Mecca and Medina, Cairo, Damascus, Tehran, Islamabad, and so on. There are of course Christian countries, notably Russia, which would be equally happy to fry the Jews in nuclear mushroom; they deserve a similar response. When Tel Aviv is annihilated, Israel should not seek saving Haifa but avenging Tel Aviv.
Israel must deal a crushing blow to Islam. Just like the destruction of Jerusalem in 135 signaled a change of Judaism from a state-oriented into purely spiritual religion, so the nuclear destruction of Mecca and Medina with the concomitant radiological contamination will render the concept of jihad senseless. The idea of ripping off the heart of Islam is ambitious but doable and feasible.
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1 comment:

  1. Doesn’t it seem even a little odd that when a corporately controlled democracy receives a wink and a nod from the corporately controlled UN to evade a free society in order to incorporate a countries resources it's called a Liberator, yet, when the peoples of the evaded country sets out to form a resistance in order to protect its countries resources, it is deemed a Terrorist organization by the corporately owned medias?

    From my perspective Great Brittan, Is-Ra-El, The US and other so called "Democracies" have been hijacked, thus the peoples of countries such as Venezuela, Iran, China and Russia, have and will exercise their right to defend themselves from corporate take over.

    I believe, or maybe it's just my hope that what the seer of The Book of Revelation viewed was the peoples of non-democratic countries forming an alliance in order to liberate the peoples from the democracies whose aristocratic dictatorship has ruled them for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    Thus reuniting the sons of Abraham and restoring The Holy Land to its rightful owners.

    The real question here should be; who, or what is this aristocracy? Many speculate that they are the Illuminati from The Book of Enoch, or the rouges working from within The Freemasons, and/or Vatican II. But is it possible that they, this "Family" is a social memory complex that calls itself "Lucifer" that is found in The Book of Job, The Law of One, The Apocrypha and many other sources?

    Al Qaeda was created by the CIA; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-hYorNi0nA

    It appears that the truth is often more difficult to reckon than the many illusions fed to us by their corporately owned religions and other media outlets.

    Most people appear to have an emotional loyalty to their own preconceived set of ideals based on their experiences, these medias, and their own fears of the unknown.

    "If you wish to control a man, allow him to believe that he is free."

    I will not be returning to this post. Therefore, if you wish to comment regarding my comment, please see my Contact Us on my website.



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