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02 July 2009

Jewish Defence League Parsha and Weekly Update

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Rabbi Dov Begon, the Rosh Yeshiva of Machon Meir wrote the following about the Torah Parsha this week, 'Pashat Balak'.

Wicked Bilaam, in his desire to curse Israel, was instead forced to bless them, in accordance with G-d's will. His gaze encompassed the Jewish People from the start of time until the end of time. Of the start of time he said, "'I see [this nation] from mountain tops, and gaze on it from the heights. It is a nation dwelling alone at peace, not counting itself among other nations" (Numbers 23:9). Rashi commented, "I gaze at their inception, at their earliest roots, and I see that their Patriarchs and Matriarchs rendered them as strong and formidable as these mountains and hills "They shall not cease to exist with the rest of the nations, but shall live on eternal"
In later generations, the Jewish People exits Egypt and conquers Canaan. Then, their might and valor are revealed: "G-d shall devour His enemy nations, grinding their bones and piercing them with His arrows. Israel crouches, lies like a lion, like an awesome lion, who will dare rouse him" (24:8-9).
Finally, regarding the end of days, Bilaam states, "I will advise you about what this nation will do to your people in the final days". I see it, but not now; I perceive it, but not in the near future. A star shall go forth from Jacob, and a staff shall arise in Israel, crushing all of Moab's princes, and dominating all of Seth's descendants.... but Israel shall be triumphant" (24:14,17-18).
In the end, Bilaam offers an illustration: "Alas! Who can survive G-d's devastation? Warships shall come from the ports of the Kittim, and they will lay waste Assyria and Eber. But in the end they too shall be destroyed forever" (24:23-24). Rabbi Yochanan comments on this example:
"Woe to the nation that will be around when G-d redeems His children! Who would dare place his garment between the male and female lion when they are about to mate" (Sanhedrin 106a). Woe to the nation that would ever consider delaying Israel during the ingathering of the exiles, when Israel and G-d are gathering together and uniting in Eretz Yisrael (see Rashi, ibid.).
Today, we are living in that very generation. The Jewish People have been gathering together into Eretz Yisrael over the past hundred years. We see clearly how Bilaam's words are coming true, how G-d punishes all the nations that try to hold up Israel's redemption, and those nations disappear from the stage of history. The Ottoman Empire, which at the beginning of our national rebirth schemed against the Jewish population, fell apart. The British Empire, which received a mandate to assist the Jewish People in establishing a state, and betrayed its mission, decreeing the White Paper against them and preventing them from coming to Israel to settle, fell apart. The Soviet Empire, which armed the Arab countries and helped them directly and indirectly to attack the State of Israel, fell apart.
In our own day as well, the countries of Europe and the United States have joined together to establish an Arab state in the very heart of our country, the land of our life's blood, and that state would endanger our existence. Those countries will most certainly meet the same fate as those empires that disintegrated. The Arab countries and Iran, which do not stop for a moment their concrete military preparations to attack our country, will be the living fulfillment of Bilaam's words: "A star shall go forth from Jacob, and a staff shall arise in Israel, crushing all of Moab's princes, and dominating all of Seth's descendants"

I would like the reader to ponder these following policy statements that threaten the existance of Israel as a Jewish State.

  • A major Think Tank that is located just up the street from the White House, has proposed that a Third Party should govern Jerusalem Proposal: 3rd-Party to Rule Jlem.
  • Yariv Oppenheimer the current Secretary General of Peace Now in Israel, and a major leader in the campaign for Israel to give up land, stated the following: "This (Netanyahu Government's) outrageous and arrogant approach from one side taking it upon itself to decide for the other side will never lead to a peace agreement or reconciliation between the two peoples. On the contrary, a forceful, patronizing approach will lead the moderate Palestinian government to reject the crumbs Israel is throwing its way and cause it to lean towards the more extremist side which advocates violent resistance against the occupation, instead of negotiation. If Netanyahu continues to speak and act like he did at Bar Ilan, the third intifada will be just around te corner. But this time, international support will be firmly for the Palestinian side." JPost.com | BlogCentral | Building Bridges | Netanyahu government ...
  • According to the Toronto Star June 28th article by Haroon Siddiqui about the anti Israel International Conference sponsored by York University: "On June 5, Marshall Cohen, chair of the board of governors, and Paul Cantor, chair-designate, joined him in another statement:"
  • "These issues are discussed on a daily basis in all parts of the world, especially in the Middle East, including Israel. There is no reason why they should not be discussed at a university in Canada."
  • The York senate asserted the right of "universities to organize and host academic conferences free from government intervention." What's discussed openly in Israel is toxic in Toronto

For Israel to be a Strong Jewish State, there must be Strong Jewish Unity. Which in simple terms means that the Jewish People must understand what it means to be Jewish and what is our true connection to the Land of Israel. From an understanding of these concepts must emerge a Jewish People that is unified and determined not to submit to anti Israel propaganda. And it is the mandate of the Jewish Defence League to expose and confront all of these threats to the Jewish State. One of the major threats is when anti Zionist 'Jewish' academicsattempt to join major Jewish Groups and influence the policy and direction from within. This is happening now: Israpundit » Blog Archive » Hillel Student Leaders Participate in ... Think-Israel

The Jewish Defence League of Canada did take the lead in the capaign to expose and confront the anti Israel International Conference sponsored by York University and we will continue to take the lead. Middle East conference anything but academic

Join the Jewish Defence League of Canada for our Monday evening weekly discussion groups at the Toronto Zionist Center at 788 Marlee Avenue 8:00 in the evening. These discussion groups are open to the public and are warm and friendly. Refreshments and snacks are provided. For more information call our office at 416-736-7000. Plans are underway to resume our Security classes for Tuesday evenings, please call our office to participate. Also, please give a meaningful contribution to the Jewish Defence League of Canada which will enable us to accomplish our/your goals.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

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