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31 August 2009

Islam the Package

From Magic City Morning Star

Islam the Package
By Michael DevolinOct 1, 2008 - 10:43:00 AM
In my last article to the Magic City Morning Star I pointed out, for the express sake of Haroon Siddiqui and other apologists for Islam who are wont to accuse Canadians like me of Islamophobia that the religion of Islam as evidenced in the Middle East, Indonesia, and Africa is the Islam ordinary Canadians are afraid of. Ours is not Islamophobia but common sense. The term "Islamophobia" was created by those journalists who, subjugated by the tyrannical advocates of Multiculturalism, wish to hide the stark reality that veridical Islam - the real Islam, the Islam that created the terrorism we read about in the papers every day - casts a frightening image to all honest and thinking human beings.
Canadians do not fear the Islam these apologists promise us is the true Islam - the as yet unseen Islam they proclaim is "the religion of peace." We are afraid of the present Islam - or rather, veridical Islam - which is to say, the Islam we see not only in every act of terrorism or intended act of terrorism, as exampled in the designs of "the Toronto 18," but also the Islam we see in countless religiously egotistic litigation cases (all at taxpayer's expense) in the Western world, many of these cases right here in Canada and the United States.
Regardless the religious tolerance Muslim apologists and sophists like Haroon Siddiqui predict for Canada, we see these acts of terrorism (whether actual or intended) and "human rights abuse" cases in defence of Islam's tender masses as attempts to impose upon non-Muslim Canadians and Americans (or "infidels", as they refer to us) a culture not our own, a culture we have never consented to, and, most unfortunately, a culture of hatred and religious supremacy patently antithetical to those societal criteria and values to which Muslims were welcomed upon their arrival in this country.
The Islam the West is fearful of is not the religion promised by Islam's apologists. We are fearful of the Islam as defined in the Koran - the Islam incumbent upon every "real" Muslim. Oriana Fallaci pointed out that there could never be a "moderate Muslim" simply because there is not a moderate Islam. Sam Harris writes that the non-Muslim world has a problem with Islamic fundamentalists because "we have a problem with the fundamentals of Islam." And this is the point the very few honest journalists and politicians of the Western world are trying to articulate to a seemingly obtuse and blindly pluralistic audience: the Islam much of the Western world is anxious about is the very Islam being smuggled here from those countries where it exists predominantly as an intolerant and anti-Jewish/anti-Christian culture. Brigitte Gabriel writes about Western ignorance of "the viciousness of the militant Islamic fundamentalist," that we "refuse to see it even when they look today at video footage of churches being burned in Iraq or different parts of the world or synagogues being destroyed in Gaza."
Although it's very politically incorrect to say so, we must accept the fact that every Muslim being ushered through Canada's gates today is carrying with him/her a potentially dangerous ideological "package" existent in every Koran and in every country whose culture was created by the furious tenets of Islam. Both the Canadian and American governments are overlooking this reality to the peril of its citizens. For example, Canada now has as one of its politically active citizens an NDP candidate for the riding of Montreal-Bourassa, a certain Samira Laouni. She is a member of the Canadian Islamic Congress' leadership, an organization whose president is the notoriously peculiar Mohamed Elmasry, the Canadian Muslim who once declared that all adult Israeli Jews were legitimate targets for Palestinian terrorists. Samira Laouni, in her capacity as a member of CIC's leadership, petitioned the Federal Government to remove Hezbolla and Hamas from it official terror list. And as Barbara Kay reveals in the National Post, she served as an organizer and contact person for a CIC fundraiser at which the British journalist and convert to Islam Yvonne Ridley spoke. This is the same Yvonne Ridley who publicly defended the Chechen terrorist massacre of Russia's Beslan schoolchildren and who advocates that British Muslims disregard the authority of Britain's constabulary.
Whether or not Ms. Laouni is a landed immigrant is irrelevant. What is both relevant and frightening is the fact that she is now obtruded upon the citizens of Quebec as the cognitive model of a normal Muslim. What is being obfuscated by the media and Immigration Canada is the fact that she is an immediate creation of the religion of Islam, the same religion that also created Hamas and Hezbollah, the terrorist groups Ms. Laouni is so wont to have legitimated as no more than Muslim visionaries. Relevant and frightening also is the fact that Islam has effectuated within Ms. Laouni and countless other Canadian Muslims a religious potency which makes them not so dissimilar from those Muslim immigrants who carry with them from distant Islamic cultures and countries the same ideological "package" responsible for spawning the Islamist terrorist and the exclusively Koranic ideal Western journalist commonly refer to now as "Islamic Jihad". This is the same Islam Wafa Sultan was speaking of when she stated to the writer David Horowitz that she had "decided to fight Islam; please pay attention to my statement; to fight Islam, not the political Islam, not the militant Islam, not the radical Islam, not the Wahhabi Islam, but Islam itself...Islam has never been misunderstood, Islam is the problem.... (Muslims) have to realize that they have only two choices: to change or to be crushed."
Mark Twain wrote, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." This might have been true in Mark Twain's time, but for the Muslim immigrant in today's world, intent on transmogrifying Western accommodative culture into something more applicable to Islam's culture of hatred, there exists no valid fear of an extirpation of his Koranic ideals: for the Muslim zealot willing to travel abroad, his religiously imbedded prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness has prepared him impervious to the Western democratic concept of tolerance by virtue of the innate obduracy of his faith, which is precisely the problem that I have with the "fundamentals of Islam."
Also contributing to the sempiternity of Islam's racist tenets regarding Jews and non-Muslims ("infidels") is the fact that the open-ended and blindly pluralistic nature of Western Immigration laws provides an easy entry for those adherents of Islam who, at their religious zenith, overtly advocate the prohibition of the presence of Westerners and all other religious in certain Muslim countries by pain of death.
Israel is continually excoriated by Islamic dictatorship member-states of the UN for erecting a wall to prevent Islamist terrorists from causing death and destruction within its borders proper. But countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan can, without any criticism from the UN and its Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, openly deny freedom of movement to, and threaten loss of life against, all those human beings the religion of Islam identifies as non-Muslim. I sleeplessly hope that Western intelligence agencies are taking notice that many of the Muslim immigrants arriving on our shores from countries such as these bring with them an uncorrupted Islam - a "package" far more threatening and dangerous than the imaginary version promised by its apologists.
Written by Michael Devolin© Copyright 2002-2008 by Magic City Morning Star
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