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15 August 2009


***Posted at 1600 Fri 14 Aug 09 - Before Shabbat***


What’s Going On?

WOW! There is much coming out of the Obama administration that seems to be confusing, or just confused (see the conclusion at the end of this article). Every time we turn around, it’s another screw up or broadside: From movie gifts that won’t pay on British sets; insulting Britain, narcissist based gifts to the Queen of England, bowing to a fascist Arab terrorist sponsoring monarch; declaring America to NOT be a Judeo-Christian civilization; declaring American patriots and veterans to be terrorist threats; apologizing for America being America; a de facto acceding to Iranian nuclear arming, a totally insane but clearly fascist approach to imposing a politically based health plan on America; working to agree to international treaties that will confiscate American guns and abrogate the Second amendment; arrogantly declaring that the Constitution is not to his liking; attacks on the First Amendment’s freedom of expression, its a daily crapshoot regarding what Obama and his gangster crew of venomous snakes in the grass will come up with next.

Honest people, concerned citizens, voters, taxpayers, legitimate patriots with America’s best interests at heart are very concerned if not becoming just plain fearful of Obama’s clearly socialist/fascist intentions.

Obama falsely claims that he has a national healthcare plan. He has no plan, just a bunch of words and promises that change every day. There are a dozen or more versions of work in progress that are wildly directed, and most certainly arrayed against real Americans. The Congress recessed with a 1,000+ page plan that none of them have read that few if any can comprehend or understand, and everything they say seems to be a falsehood, especially mindless liberals who otherwise can’t find their way out of a paper bag with both ends open and bright lights shining the way. Obama’s stalwart supporter dubbed “Queen” Pelosi, actually Pelosi-Mussolini the blind fascist is the greatest joke in modern American politics and society.

What about Obama’s extreme efforts to cover-up personal information that Americans have a legitimate need to know about regarding his basic eligibility for the presidency? Based on his extreme efforts to block access to vital information indicate to growing numbers of citizens convinced that he is a fraud, perhaps even an illegal immigrant.

His Chicago gangster machine management style is working. But, along the way, he is burning bridges and annoying a large number of people who voted for him. Combine those unhappy democrats with the 48% of Americans who voted for other than Obama, and a growing majority of Americans are coming down firmly against Obama and his agenda. Cracks are appearing in his façade. At a recent G-8 meeting, national leaders refused to take on any more of America’s steeply climbing debt. Obama doesn’t care and will likely do what the Zimbabwe gang has done, and what the Weimar Republic did not too long ago – print a bunch of useless money. The diminished value of the dollar will be a two sided issue where imports will be wildly higher priced, and our own exports will rise. The problem with this is that we have little manufacturing base remaining so imports will be essential, and inflation will rise staggeringly. Expect that Japanese made car that sells for $35,000 now to pop up five years later at $90,000. So, those Chevys may be more affordable, but their quality under UAW factory management will sadly diminish. But, Obama’s Cap and Trade will tax those factories so high that the Chevy prices will rocket up too, just not as fast as the foreign made car prices.

Obama has declared that the war on terrorism is over, and that the United States is not at war with Islam. However, e-v-e-r-y facet of Islam’s Koranic verified dogma re-affirmed again and again by myriad Moslems at all levels and stations in Islam that Islam is clearly at war with us. Even here, in the USA, Moslem leaders have declared that it is their mission to eliminate the Constitution (along with the bill of rights, the right to vote, and all that makes America work), and replace the government with a Caliphate. Based on this solid information, and Obama’s background, leanings, associations, and direction, it appears that he is working towards becoming that Caliph.

Despite Obama’s decidedly pro-Arab Hamas/Hezbollah/Fatah actions and regularly condemning Israel, Ahmadinejad increased his anti-American vitriol. Israel is not bowing to his anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish demands and is rightfully thumbing their noses at him. They recognize his vow to support Arabs against Jews, and will now bow down to another Obama desired holocaust.

Israel seems to be preparing to initiate a defensive pre-emptive elimination of Iranian nuclear facilities, and all that the self-declared anti-Semite Obama does is whine about Israeli settlements. In this, the Arabs are so fearful of Iran that they may likely turn a blind eye to an Israeli attack launched via Saudi air spaces if not from Saudi airfields.
Iran’s election was a farce, and when Ahmadinejad’s Acorn…..oops (a Freudian slip)... Basiji force along with scores of other Iranian government thugs viciously attacked peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, Obama remained largely mute, acquiescing to Iran’s hardliners. Hundreds have been murdered. Hundreds more have vanished. Thousands have been savagely beaten, brutally molested and raped, mutilated, and dropped onto the streets for all to see in a form of inhuman repression and intimidation. In all things Iranian, Obama shows having no evidence of a strategy, and his promised dialogue with Iranian leaders is clearly doomed before starting.

Obama complained more about China’s firm handling of fanatic Moslem Chinese tribal Uyghurs than he did about the horrid repression in Iran.

As American forces are standing down in Iraq, things are beginning to unravel and Iraqi violence against Iraqis is rising.

The Afghan war, now Obama’s war in Afghanistan is generating more American coffins coming home than are successes in taking on the Taliban and al-Qaeda. He has no strategy for victory. His strategy is only for engagement, another recipe for another Vietnam. If we are not prepared to fight the war in Afghanistan with a clear vision for victory, we need to leave now. Obama and his gangs have no idea of what is required for a victory.

Guantanamo still holds about 200 violent, hateful detainees, and in spite of his boastful promises, Obama can’t release them, nor can he repatriate them. He has instructed that whenever a combatant in Afghanistan is caught, they are to be given their Miranda rights rather than a bullet between their eyes. Huunh???? These ‘combatants’ are enemy soldiers arrayed against us, and Obama wants to give them rights. This is outrageous. When is he going to Mirandize every American combat soldier?

With impunity, the North Koreans have advanced their long range missile and nuclear programs, and Obama has shirked taking any leadership role.

In the coming months, do not be surprised if the dollar collapses when our creditors demand settlement; Iranian mischief will accelerate; Pakistan will turn itself inside-out, Russia will get even more aggressive both internally as well as with her neighbors, Mexico’s civil war expands, and a helpless Obama bows more to UN demands and compromises America further.

Then, there are the domestic issues.

CONCLUSION: Is Obama just a flim-flam chump with an ego so huge that he believes he can continue just ‘winging’ it along, or is there something else? A long time follower and student of communists, socialists, America haters, Islamists, and anarchists, Obama understands that he cannot follow the classic path of anarchy, just going around and blowing things up. However, Obama is clearly using anarchist tactics (that are not yet violent) to fowl everything that he can up in every way that he can, to cause widespread confusion, bewilderment, frustration, and demoralization, to break America down. He must be stopped before he destroys America. That is his real objective. After everything is totally mucked up, he wants to resurrect America in his image.

Obama must be stopped!

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