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18 August 2009

With "Zionist" Rabbis Like This, Who Needs Neturei Karta?

28 b'Av 5769
Tensions at Bnei Adam; Waiting for Rabbi Levinger
Hillel Fendel, 23 b'Av/August 13, 2009, 5:16 PM

(IsraelNN.com) Despite reports to the contrary, former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu has not issued an opinion on whether the residents of Bnei Adam should go along with the decision to remove three caravans from their outpost.

On the other hand, Rabbi Chaim Druckman, one of the leading rabbis of the religious-Zionist camp for over 40 years, has ruled that they should.

The residents themselves do not feel bound by this decision (GOOD!), however, and have gone to consult with Rabbi Moshe Levinger of Hevron instead. “I don’t believe he will say that we should leave,” said long-time Yesha activist and settlement pioneer Daniella Weiss, “as it is clear what this would mean in terms of [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu’s plan to allow a Palestinian state to be established here.” (Read more....)

Everyone is now waiting with baited breath for Rabbi Levinger's ruling.

C'mon! It's not rocket science. Our own Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehudah [Kook] ztz"l sure didn't think it was.

One must do everything in order to delay and prevent the evacuation of Jewish strongholds.
- Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook ztz"l

When I little known rabbi in Ofra, Rabbi Elitzur HaLevy Seg"el, quoted this back in 2002 in response to the IDF's expulsion of Jews from Havath Gil'ad on Shabbath, there was great outrage. Even though Rabbi Sege"l, too was a student at Merkaz HaRav Yeshivah, while Rabbenu Tzvi Yehudah was the rosh yeshivah in the 1980's.

Who the heck is he?

I've never heard of him?

Of course, one may only learn the teachings of Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehudah from Rabbi Tau, Rabbi Aviner, or Rabbi Druckman.

Who the hell made up that rule? I'll tell you who: The students of Rabbi Tau, Rabbi Aviner, and Rabbi Druckman, selectively leaving out Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, and Rabbi Moshe Tzuri'el.

How convenient. But it gets worse. They have also attempted to hijack the works of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhaq Kook ztz"l by stating that one may only learn his Torah from his son, and thus only from the rabbis mentioned above. Some of Rav Kook's work was suddenly discovered in the Merkaz HaRav Yeshivah, after certain rabbis had left the yeshivah. It is no coinsidence that some of this work appears to contracict much of comes out of the Mamlakhti camp.

When Rabbi Dov Lior (Hevron-Qiriyath Arba) and Rabbi Zalman Melamed (Beth-El) four full years later, no one was as courageous to shoot down the statements of two of Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehudah's very prominent students. Then Shlomo Aviner came along, and insisted on declaring that Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehudah never explicitly said "to refuse orders."

Although Rabbi Melamed walks a very careful line Beth-El for the sake of "shalom" in that town, he could not stand idly by after this statement of Aviner's. In the b'Sheva Hebrew weekly, he made the following statement, without mentioning any names.

"Rabbeinu Tzvi Yehudah did not have to say 'refuse orders,' as he said 'everything.' Anyone who ever learned by him and knew him should know that." (paraphrase)

During the last days in Azza, Rabbi Aviner and other like-minded rabbis were stationed in Neveh Deqalim synagogues keeping an eye on residents who were unknowingly being prepared for their final expulsion (Deep inside, Neveh Deqalim residents could probably feel what was coming). It is crucial to keep this fresh in all of our minds.

Rabbis Lior and Melamed, on the other hand, were barricaded on the roof of the synagogue in K'far Darom. Only when they heard that they were the last ones standing. I believe this was not a caving into the government, but rather like the decision of Rabbi Yohanan, who, acknowledging the reality of the situation, knew that Jerusalem had fallen and the there was nothing left to be done, save for damage control (Avoth d'Rabbi Nathan).

Some have suggested that we all have "our own rabbis."

So, then which rabbis would you follow?

The ones with the money, the publicity machine, and the cameras and microphones constantly at their heels, who see no contradiction between Torah and Israeli Law?

Or ones who place Torah Law before all else, contradiction or not, the ones whose "rulings" are supported by halachic sources, and hold up to scrutiny?

Here is a final note, regarding the B'nei Adam stronghold itself. In this video, Zambish Hever, head of Amana, encouraging the residents to leave B'nei Adam, instead of encouraging them to stay, like you would expect those connected with the Yesh"a Council to do.

Those hold up in the structure slated for removal are yelling various things at him, including, "You destroyed Gush Qatif!" "Put your head down!" and "Take off your kippah!"

Could the tide be changing? Could Jews be waking up, seeing who is a traitor, and fighting back? Or is this attitude still limited to the outposts surrounding Hevron and Shchem?

Bnei Adam Clash Dissipates – For Now
Hillel Fendel, 26 b'Av/August 16, 2009, 1:33 PM

(IsraelNN.com) Rabbi Moshe Levinger of Hevron ruled that a fight for an outpost can’t be waged without the agreement of the residents – who haven’t decided yet. (Read more...)

I suppose that is a reasonable ruling,... on the surface. Now we will have to see who appears on the seen to try to influence the decisions of the residents.

Cross-posted on Esser Agaroth.

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