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18 February 2010

Jewish Defence League Parsha and Weekly Update

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This was a special week. My daughter Miryam was married. And I would love to share a short youtube video of the wedding and my speech of which I included the weekly parsha.

18 photo slideshow - 2 minute videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRFcVuAUoMw

Shalom and welcome, Thank you to all the Rabbaim, family and friends. Special thanks to my wife, Suzanne for her hard work to help make this day possible. Special thanks to Suzanne's parents, Marshall and Betty Cohen, for always being there for our children: Shira, Miryam, Chana and Moshe. Also special thanks to Morris and Bertha for flying in from Ireland and the Spitzer family for flying in all the way from England. I feel very privileged to welcome into our family, My new son inlaw, Shlomie Spitzer. He comes from a great family. His father Yossie, is a doctor and one of the main Mohel's for all of England. We share common values: Love for Torah; Love for the Land of Israel: Love for the Jewish People and Jewish family values. It will be very difficult for our family to make the adjustment to not having our special daughter Miryam with us at the Shabbos table. It was always a joy, discussing the parsha with her, in a very passionate way. I was so proud of her when she decided to go and study in Israel for two years. She attended and studied in a seminary in Jerusalem, and also studied hairstyling and esthetics. Very practical and we are very proud of you. And her husband Shlomie also studied in a Yeshiva in Israel and now is working as a Mishgeach , a Kosher supervisor for the London Beis Din. Also very practical, and we are very proud of Shlomie. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer living and therefore cannot enjoy this great simcha, but they are with us in spirit. And as a follower of Rabbi Meir Kahane Z"L, he died a Kiddush Hashem. I would like to share the following words that he wrote about this weeks Torah Parsha, Terumah.

“They shall make an Ark of acacia wood” (Ex. 25:10)
"G-d established the whole framework of a holy Temple, holy objects and holy people (Kohanim and Levi'im) to create a miniature world, perfect and complete, holy and pure. It was meant to symbolize the larger world and to guide us in how our world is supposed to look. One of our most important principles is: “To the L-rd belongs the earth and everything in it” (Ps. 24.1). Everything belongs to G-d, and nothing that ostensibly belongs to man is really his. Rather, it is only given to him to use. The concept of holiness provides a concrete example to help us understand the essence of property here on earth – that it belongs exclusively to G-d and not to man.
The ark is the essence of the Tabernacle and the Temple, both of which were established for its sake. The ark is the symbol of G-d's place int the world, and the poles that carry it are the concrete symbol of G-d's unlimited power, His omnipotence, greatness and majesty. G-d desired that these poles – symbolizing G-d's greatness and our duty to trust in Him infinitely – would be before the eyes of Israel always. He therefore decreed a wondrous decree:The Kohanim brought the ark of the covenant of the L-rd to its place, into the Temple sanctuary, into the Holy of Holies, even under the wings of the cherubs... The ark poles were so long that the ends of the poles were seen from the holy place, even before the Sanctuary, but they could not be seen outside. (I Kings 8:6, 8)
The Talmud's point is that G-d wished every Jew who came to the Sanctuary to always see the poles and remember what they symbolized: that we are obligated to have perfect, complete faith in G-d's omnipotence. Yet since the partition separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Temple, G-d established that the poles should stretch so far that they abut the partition, protruding like a woman's breasts. Thus, whoever passed by saw the protrusion and drew the lesson.[...] Woman is the symbol of man's love and desire, for there is no love in man's nature greater than his love for woman. Precisely for this reason G-d created man and woman, so they would be bound together with fierce love and desire, ready to sacrifice for each other and to give of themselves to an extent unheard of in any other relationship. They would be willing even to sacrifice their lives for each other, so strong is that love. Being so fiercely bound to another human being is the apex of man's breaking down his selfishness, arrogance and evil impulse. G-d created this bond so that man would understand from it – at least in part – how powerful must be his love for G-d. Observe the fierce love between Israel and G-d, which is always compared to the love between a man and woman, the fiercest love man can imagine."

I give my blessings to Shlomie and Miryam on their marriage. Grow together and may G-d bless the both of you with children and lots of love and happiness. Always keep your door open for others. And we can't wait to join you at your new home for a wonderful shabbos meal. Thank G-d and Mazol Tov.
Durring the first week of March, Israel Apartheid Week will take place at York University. And the Jewish Defence League will take a strong stand. Please review the following information on most of the anti Israel events to take place: A complete list of speakers and events is available at www.apartheidweek.orgMonday March 1st BREAKING DOWN APARTHEID1:00 - 3:00 PMStudent Center, GSA (Room 430)Film Screening: Slingshot Hip HopSlingshot Hip Hop braids together the stories of young Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank and inside Israel as they discover Hip Hop and employ it as a tool to surmount divisions imposed by occupation and poverty. From internal checkpoints and Separation Walls to gender norms and generational differences, this is the story of young people crossing the borders that separate them.- www.slingshothiphop.com/Tuesday March 2nd THE HISTORY OF APARTHEID: SOUTH AFRICA, PALESTINE & BEYOND1:00 - 3:00 PMMcLaughlin Junior Common Room, Room 014Na'eem Jeena: is an academic, author, journalist, community leader and post-graduate student. He is currently the Director of the Afro-Middle East Centre, a research institute dealing with the Middle East, and a PhD candidate in Political Studies. Na'eem has a history of activism in the anti-apartheid struggle, and is a well-known activist in South Africa. He has been a leading figure in the Palestine solidarity and anti-war movements in South Africa. Na’eem also served for many years on the Board of the Freedom of Expression Institute, including as its Deputy Chairperson. He also worked for the FXI as Head of the Anti-Censorship Programme, Head of its Access to Information Programme, and as Director of Operations.Wednesday March 3rd UNCOVERING RACISM IN APARTHEID1:00 - 3:00 PMMcLaughlin Junior Common Room, Room 014Nadia Elia is a faculty member at Antioch University, Seattle, where she teaches Gender and Global Studies. She is co-founder of RAWAN (the Radical Arab Women's Activist Network), chairs the Anti-Militarism and Occupation taskforce of Incite! Women of Color Against Violence, and serves on the Organizing Committee of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. A scholar-activist, Elia is the author of Trances, Dances, and Vociferations: Agency and Resistance in Africana Women's Narratives, co-editor of The Color of Violence: the INCITE anthology, and has published numerous articles on the sociopolitical factors impacting gender and national identity n societies at war and/or under occupation.Thursday March 4th THE LANDSCAPE OF APARTHEID: INDIGENOUS SOLIDARITY1:00 - 3:00 PMMcLaughlin Junior Common Room, Room 014more information coming soonJoin the Jewish Defence League of Canada and confront such hate!

With Love of Israel, Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada

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