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06 September 2006

Transfer! Get Used To It!

The more times change, the more things stay the same.
by: Arlene Peck

The more things change the more they stay the same! It struck me recently how words I wrote more than 5 years ago are now being recycled, and by people in the most unlikely places. Looking back over the old columns, I realized that the only things needing to be changed are names and dates. Very little else has changed at all, except the need has become, if possible, even more urgent. Israel must act, while Israel still exists. To ignore the past.. is to repeat it.

written 2002
Transfer! Get Used To It!

By Arlene Peck

In 1929, the Arabs rampaged through Hebron, on a killing spree that managed to almost wipe out the Jewish population. Now, their grandchildren and great grandchildren have attempted a similar act with their recent massacre in Hebron. These vermin imbibe hatred beginning with their mother's milk which is reinforced in the Palestinian Authority-directed educational system, a system which builds on their hatred of the Zionist dream and glorifies the complete and utter destruction of the Jewish State.

I have no doubt that even before the bodies of the victims have grown cold, there will be righteous indignation in editorials both in the U.S. and Israel. Protesters will twist the facts to show how the settlers are endangering the civilian population of Israel.

I couldn't help but compare this rationalization technique with that of the California Coastal Commission. At a recent meeting held in my neighborhood, the attendees had a problem using the word "tree." Every time they had to refer to the fifty-year old palms they planned to cut down, they euphemistically used the code word: "encroachment."

The same technique is applies to using the word: "settlers." They are spoken about like some endangered species that the Israelis are trying to save from extermination. The 450 "settlers" who are living in the hallowed city of Hebron speak the same language and practice the same religion as their brothers in Greater Israel. There is no special settler land. The land of Israel is the land of Israel. The Jews in Hebron are civilians who are living on property owned by Jews for centuries. Arabs stole it; the fact that these people were not allowed to return to their homes earlier does not negate the legitimacy of their claims to the land.

Over twenty years ago, I traveled to Hebron as a journalist. I went to report on the bravery of the few who had barricaded themselves in that small Jewish enclave. They were to grow to almost five hundred people. I was impressed with their perseverance and fortitude they were exerting in their desire to live in the homeland of their ancestors. How could there be more hallowed ground than the place where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob once lived?

Israel is a Jewish homeland. Right? Frankly, I don t give a diddlysquat over the plight of anyone living there other than the Jews. Nobody else seems to care about the rights or the blood of Jewish settlers or civilians living in Tel Aviv, Hertzalia, Jerusalem or anywhere else either, it seems.

Let there be another 9/11 and see how fast this country loses patience with the Muslim community and their demands for "political correctness." Frankly, I have already lost my patience with them. If our visitors to the United States cannot control their terrorist inclinations, then we should no longer play the willing host. On second thought, let's not let them visit in the first place.

Interestingly enough, now that we are on the verge of war with Iran, the mainstream media talking heads are telling us how our government is monitoring the thousands of Muslims already in this country. Hopefully, plans are underway to send the "students back to their homeland. In other words, the U.S. is progressing along the road to transferring them back to their countries. If there is another attack in this country, I will bet my bippies that our response will be immediate and violent. That s as it should be.

However, the same should go for Israel. Every country has to have the right and responsibility to protect its' citizens. Why should there be a different code of ethics for Israel? How many mornings must I wake up to the televisions special announcement of another group of schoolchildren being killed by an attack on their bus while on the way to school? Or, of mothers and their babies being shot dead, while reading bedtimes stories in their homes, by maniacal Arabs. Or, are they militants? Now they give press conferences encouraging Arabs worldwide to rise up and exterminate the Jewish State. Enough is enough!

Israel has a cancer that will destroy them unless completely removed. It won t come from the bullets of the Arab police. Although, I remember my columns of outrage after Oslo when Peres outfitted the enemy with a gun for every house, I believe it will come through the ballot box. The Arabs will eventually use the vote they enjoy in this oasis of democracy in the Middle East to decide the leaders of Israel. Their birthrate is tremendous and eventually they will take over the political system. The Trojan horse of Oslo was never the Road to Peace. It was the Road to Hell from its inception. It's time to cut the losses and take back the country!

Little is said about the Jews who fled the Arab countries. Anyone who is familiar with their history knows that great Jewish communities existed in Arab countries. Today, there are only a minimal number of Jews still living in those countries. They were driven out and their communities lost forever. They can't go back and claim their property. They have no right of return. Roughly, 850,000 Jews were stripped of their property and forced to flee Arab and Muslim lands when the U.N. created Israel as the rightful homeland for the Jews.

The idea of being forced by liberal values and world opinion to house, educate and give free medical care to Arabs living in Israel whose singular goal is the destruction of their host is intolerable! If they hate the Jews as much as they obviously do, then let them leave. Encourage them to leave. Pay them to leave. Let's have the Arab countries move their Palestinian brothers into confiscated Jewish property in their own lands. After all, the Arabs talk about financial restitution. So, let the formerly Jewish land in their countries be it...property that expelled Jews can never return to. But, all this is unnecessary! Remember, the Arabs of Israel have a homeland to go to. A Palestinian homeland. It's called Jordan!

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